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Mar 13, 2013 09:15 AM

Saturne vs Septime?

Debating these for an evening of new French cuisine in Paris. Thoughts?

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  1. Check out an earlier discussion:
    Also search posts for numerous earlier posts on both.

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      1. re: PBSF

        Ahh, thank you for that link. That was just what I was looking for!

        1. re: dagoose

          I love them both, and, indeed have upcoming reservations at both. Perhaps the desired date of dining will affect your decision, since it's much harder to reserve an evening table at Septime.

          1. re: Nancy S.

            "it's much harder to reserve an evening table at Septime."
            Ah the curse of Henry Jarvis Raymond.

            1. re: Nancy S.

              Oh excellent point. I've made the reservation at Saturne already, but Septime doesn't reserve more than, it appears, about three weeks out? At least online. So I have some time to cancel and switch...

              1. re: dagoose

                What I meant in my typically inarticulate way, is that both are good but in different ways.
                You cannot lose.