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Mar 13, 2013 07:46 AM

Favorite spring-inspired recipes using this type of casserole dish...

Basically the title says it all! I bought one of these a couple weeks ago at W-S and haven't used it yet. Other than sweet or savory cobblers, I need some inspiration!

I follow a vegan diet, but am good at making modifications, so even if you have a recipe idea that includes meat, that is fine! I prefer using whole ingredients, though, instead of things like veg-based cheeses/soups...

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  1. What about a baked risotto? With asparagus and mushrooms would seem very springlike to me.

    I have been trying farro lately too, I wonder if you could do a baked farro casserole, or risotto style with farro.

    maybe a version of a bean cassoulet, adapted without the meat? Not super springlike though, but then I feel like any kind of casserole is more of a winter/fall thing.

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      Cassoulet is a great idea! So is the baked risotto. I've made a baked rice/tahini/chickpea casserole, that was risotto-like in texture, and it would work really well in this. Thanks!

    2. Because the casserole is fairly deep, it might be a good candidate for a vegetable terrine -- layered cooked veg's of different colors that are pressed and then unmolded. The striped or patterned slices are elegant, especially for entertaining. (And the casserole dish is so pretty and spring-y that you could fill it with citrus and veg fronds for a centerpiece.)

      Here's a spring veg terrine on the chow site: and a more classically striped version

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        Both of the recipes you cite call for a terrine mold (as nearly all terrine recipes do) - most of which hold one to two quarts of filling tops.

        The poster's casserole dish is a round 3-quart model - too large & won't work for a molded vegetable terrine. It would fall apart rather than slice, & you'd lose the features that you're looking for in a terrine.

        Even a regular old loaf pan would work better for a terrine than the OP's casserole.

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          Oops, I just read this one. I think that I could still do a version of it, but I would use something to hold it together, like a puree or vegan homemade cheese.

        2. re: ellabee

          I agree, that would look gorgeous. I've done similar recipes but not in such a deep dish casserole, so I love that idea! I'll likely wait until more veggies are in season here, though, since they are through the roof expensive right now!

        3. Do websearches for "Spring Vegetable Stew" & "Spring Vegetable Ragout". Some interesting, healthy, colorful recipes out there using product that will be coming into season in the next couple of months.

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            Exactly what I was searching :) Just looking for more ideas!