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Mar 13, 2013 07:14 AM

Gold Stone: Authentic Chinese in Providence

Gold Stone in Providence on Allens Ave.

Good Chinese food is hard to find in Rhode Island. This place looks like your standard divey, hole in the wall, pork fried rice, celery in brown sauce, bad American Chinese joint, but they have authentic dishes on the menu. I asked for ma la, and I got ma la. I talked with the owner about food he makes Chinese patrons, and he made me couple of dishes I've never seen anywhere else, which may or may not be on the menu (one had potatoes). It may not hit the heights of the favorite Sichuan places in MA, but it's well worth a try. Unfortunately, the only web presence is one of these lame online menu sites.

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  1. Websites made up by delivery companies is a loathsome and useless trend I would like to see literally stamped out of existence. Do you have a link to a picture of the authentic menu? And what are the dishes you haven't had elsewhere?

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      I agree. I'll try to dig up the menu. There are two, one for more authentic specialties. I had a cumin chicken dish that was different from the S. Gourmet/S. Garden version, but pretty good. Lion's Head meatballs were tasty, and something I don't see too often. As I mentioned above, one dish had potatoes and was in a black vinegary sauce-very interesting, and not something I would associate with Chinese food, unless it's a regional cuisine I'm not familiar with. I'll be in RI this weekend, maybe I'll drop over there. There's another place in Cranston called Red House that supposedly has authentic Sichuan dishes based on Yelp, but again, the only website is run by an online ordering place, and what they do have looks to be Thai. I must investigate.

    2. Great find!

      Do you know where the owners are from? They must have enough demand for the real McCoy from the Chinese community at Brown and RISD.

      It's great that they were able to make you some of the good stuff!

      Although China is the world's largest potato producer and consumer - many of those produced potatoes end up in the fast food fryers. One of the New World crops introduced into China in the last 500 years, the potato never was able to take over the Chinese cuisines (like it did in America) but does serve as an able second mate.

      There's a popular Northeastern Chinese (or Manchurian) dish called Di San Xian which consists of potatoes, green peppers and eggplant.

      地三鲜 - Dì sān xiān

      1. Went to Gold Stone yesterday. Ordered shredded pork with cilantro, house special spicy chicken, and pork/chive dumplings. All good.

        Here are some menu photos. Well, maybe not. OK. How can you post more than one photo?

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          OK. I think I got 'em.

        2. Went back for the "Mala Trio", shrimp, beef, and chicken. HUGE portion, and really well done.