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Mar 13, 2013 06:48 AM

My Most Excellent Weekend in Philadelphia

Thanks to many of you I had a Great weekend in Philly--foodwise and otherwise. Here is my report.

Friday night we went to Zahav where we had the Mesibah. i didn't know we would get half a lamb (or so it seemed). Everything was very good, but we had to leave more than we ate. Next time I would just get the mezze.

Saturday night we had a wonderful dinner at Vernick. Chopped duck on toast, tuna poke. mussels, potato ravioli, and charred brussel sprouts were all excellent. My husband is still raving about the tuna.

Sunday was brunch at the Rittenhouse. I can't even begin to describe all the wonderful dishes we had. I didn't taste all 40 or so, but I came close. It is a splurge but worth it. Bill came to $237.00 .

That was the food part. The otherwise part was a lovely stay at the Rittenhouse. We had a very large room. Service was exceptional. I never opened a door the whle time there.

We went to the Barnes on Sat. and were there from 11:30 to 4:00. Fabulous place. WE had been to the old Barnes, but here the paintings can mor easily be seen because it is much lighter.

We also went to the museum of Jewish historyon Fri. before checking in, but were not there long enough to appreciate it.

Philadelphia is a great city. We look forward to going back soon. It's a short trip from N.Y....unless it's snowing.

sunday was

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  1. Thank you for reporting back! We have not been to Vernick yet and I really need to get there soon.

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        Every raw fish dish I've had there has been great, the arctic char with crispy skin and dill is excellent too.

    1. Thanks for reporting back and glad you liked it. Sometimes you get a lot of lamb at Zahav but the lamb has always been the highlight of my meals there.

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        Glad you had a great trip. You really hit the right places.