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Mar 13, 2013 04:06 AM

GF flour subsitute in vegetable fritters?

I'm cooking a 5-course, GF, vegetarian dinner for 8 later this week, which is a huge challenge because some of the guests are carnivores and I want everyone to eat the same things and be happy! I thought I had everything covered, but now I see that the cauliflower fritter recipe I want to use has a couple of tablespoons of flour in it along with eggs to make the batter.

What would be the best substitute for this? I have rice flour and almond meal. Would cornstarch make it gummy? I read about adding chickpea flour - am worried that this will add a weird, too strong taste. I also thought of adding cornmeal but because the main course is polenta, I'd rather not have the fritters taste like fried polenta.

I won't have time to test them before the dinner. Any advice appreciated!

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  1. How about corn flour? It behaves more like AP flour than cornstarch does, and in such a small amount, I don't think it would add too much of a corny taste.

    1. If you have rice flour, I would use that. Depending on the flavours of your fritter, the almond meal could be very complimentary.

      1. Yes, chickpea flour can have a strong flavor, but frying actually mellows it and if you're only using a couple of Tbsp it shouldn't be noticeable. Almond meal doesn't work well as a binder for frying. Cornstarch can be gummy and cornmeal would be too grainy. Masa harina would work, but rice flour is the most neutral and fries up very well, so I'd go with that.

        1. i've used tapioca flour as a binder in meatballs, and depending on the rest of the menu coconut flour might work with the cauli.

          but since you already have rice flour, go ahead. my local s/e asian places use that to batter calamari and it's great!

          1. thanks for all the advice! I ended up making Ottolenghi's fritters (recipe here: http://apotofteaandabiscuit.blogspot....
            )subsituting chickpea flower for the regular flower. They were really good. I actually made another batch the next day with regular flour, and liked the chickpea version better.