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Mar 13, 2013 03:51 AM

A Antique Grill Pan

I got this off EBay about 4 years ago. I think NOS from the 1920's. Ed

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  1. Hi, ehgioes

    Thanks for posting that. I believe it's made to sit where a wood cookstove's lid would. Some fat drips into the fire, but much of it is caught and collected in those channels. I have a rectangular one, but it is flat whereas yours appears to be convex--even better for draining away the fat.

    These aren't a lot of use on modern hobs, though. Maybe over a campfire?

    What's the diameter of the pan?


    1. You're probably right about the wood stove. They were called smokeless grills because the grooves caught all the fat. The pan is 10" in diameter and I use it all the time.
      Mostly under the broiler but if you want something really
      seared put it over gas and get really hot keep turning the
      meat to keep from sticking. Ed

      1. That's a pretty old pan, Curious as how much you paid for it.

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        1. re: Cheffer12

          $25 do you think its older than the 1920's? At the time I was looking for a Griswold but they were selling for around $450.
          This is actually more sophisticated being in one piece. The
          pattern maker must have been an artist. Ed

          1. re: ehgioes

            Hi, ehgioes:

            Do you see any gate marks in the casting? If you do, it is probably 1880s or earlier.


            1. re: kaleokahu

              no gate marks no marks of any kind. Which is strange as I think American companies, before jobs became the US's major export, were proud of their products. They usually had the Co. name and address and maybe a logo. Ed