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Mar 12, 2013 11:10 PM

SF hound going to Maui help request - did some research, want cheap eats dinner

My friend & I are going to Maui Tues 3/19-Sun 3/24. We'll have a car, staying at Aston Kaanapali Shores, Lahaina for 2 nights, then Hana 1 night, back to Lahiana 1 night. We are hikers, 1 foodie, on a budget.

Arrive from Oakland, CA after 5hr flight
Might be hungry - plan for Home Maid Bakery, 1005 Lower Main St, Wailuku for pineapple manju & mochi, Spam musubi

Iao Valley
sightsee Central Maui Wailuku

Aloha Mixed Plate
1285 Front St, Lahaina
Happy Hr Daily 2-6p Mai tai $3, beer $1.75
chicken or kalbi plate

Star Noodle
286 Kupuohi St, Lahaina, HI

Ululani's Hawaiian Shave Ice
819 Front St, Lahaina - might be 2nd location?

Other suggestions? I want to try Eskimo Candy Seafood Market & Deli
2665 Wai Wai Pl, Kihei. M-F 10:30-7; closed weekend. How far is it from Wailuku?

Wed 3/20:
All day at Haleakala NP for hiking
Lunch: will pack it from stuff we get at grocery store
Dinner: anything on the way back to Condo? or should I wait until Lahaina?

Th 3/21:
Road to Hana
Best place for banana bread on road stop? Want to hike Twin Falls - suppose to be fruit stand/banana bread there?
Need to pick up dinner somewhere?

Fri 3/22:
Drive back after hiking Pipiwai Trail to Waimoku Falls

Sat 3/23:
Upcountry day-
Ali'l Kula Lavender - 1100 Waipoli Rd, Kula. 9-4 daily

Surfing Goat Dairy. 3651 Omaopio Rd, Kula. 20 kinds goat cheese, cheese sampling, daily tours

Tedeschi Winery. 9-5 daily. 2 free tours daily, sparkling pineapple wine! set in the heart of Ulupalakua Ranch.

Kula Botanical Gardens- hydrangeas, proteas, etc. world's most poisonous plants. cool, lush gardens. $10pp.


Sun 3/24 - Lunch for plane?? We need a place for quick lunch & take-out dinner for plane ride back - hopefully good eats & same place. Need to return car & wait forever at airport.

Please help. Mahalo.

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  1. At the halfway point on the road to Hana there is a stand that has banana bread, toasted cococnut, among other things. The toasted coconut was worth it's weight in gold as far as we were concerned.

    On your way to or from Hana Highway, stop in Paia and go to Cafe Mambo. Great little place with fabulous breakfast and dinner. Totally low key with great staff.

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    1. re: FoodChic

      Thank you for the tip on toasted coconut - I'll look for them! I'll look on the website you linked on Cafe Mambo - sounds promising.

      1. re: FoodChic

        Thanks for tip on staying on Hwy. to Eskimo Candy.

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          Thanks for tips. I won't do the $1.5 hot dog, but salads, sushi sound pretty good, plus we'll need to get gas before returning the car so stopping at Costco.

        2. I usually use Google Maps to estimate driving distances/time.

          From Waikulu to Eskimo Candy, I would just take the highway the whole way there and not Kihei Rd:

          1. Day of your arrival: you might want to check out the Maui Culinary Academy's food court which is open from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. It's located on the Maui Community College campus in Kahului, not far from the airport. Sort of on the way to Iao Valley. Other suggestions would be Saigon Cafe and a local favorite, Sam Sato's.

            Day of departure: If you're really pressed for time, there's always those $1.50 hot dogs at Costco, which is within sneezing distance of the airport. Costco would also have food you can carry on the plane such as prepared salads, sushi and such.

            1. That's a busy trip!

              Maui looks small on a map, but there aren't that many roads on the island and IMHO traffic - especially through Lahaina - is bad, even when they're not doing road work. The problem on the road to Hana, IMHO, is not so much the tourists but the local truck drivers who drive like they expect the vehicle to know where it's going.

              I liked both Star Noodle and Aloha Mixed Plate: the latter had fresh poi the last time we were there, which was surprisingly good. Both places have parking, something that's not that easy to find in Lahaina proper, especially for free.

              There's a big Safeway in Lahaina right on the main road: IIRC they can make sandwiches for you to take to Haleakala. You'll probably come back through Paia, which has several restaurants. Mama's has gotten mixed reviews, but they all agree that it's expensive. Personally, I'd hold out for Lahaina, since you'll have had a long day and you can grab a shower at your condo before dinner.

              Kula has a small farmers' market on Saturday mornings, but they like to hide the signs for it so you only see them when you're right at the market :)

              Going back to the mainland you're going to have to deal with both TSA and Agricultural Inspection, which have different rules about what's allowed. TSA at the Kona airport has a display of things they've seized, which includes condiments, and the Ag people will seize most fruits or vegetables, so I don't know what you can bring for food on the way back: the options at the airport aren't good.

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              1. re: tardigrade

                Thanks for the tip on parking tardigrade.

                For the trip back to the mainland I was thinking spam musubi, plate lunch, poke, ready to eat & easy to put in my backpack. Any suggestions near the airport? I will be stopping for gas at Costco before returning car.

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                  Da Kitchen is a quick service restaurant sort of place with decent local food, and there's one by the airport. And you could do one last shave ice at Ululani's.

                  But I'd be wary of grabbing something like plate lunch or poke mid-day and hoping it would last until dinner on the plane. Personally I hate cold rice and I would feel weird about mac salad that has been out all day, as well as the "main" item that was meant to be served hot being eaten 7-8 hours later. I don't know if I would eat raw tuna that's been out all day without a cold pack/ice either. Maybe it's just me.

                  Most plate lunch I've ever had was in a hinged styrofoam container--definitely not leak proof, so don't put it in your backpack! Poke is more leak proof. Usually if you tell them it's "to go" it will usually be in a round plastic container, but it's also has liquids at the bottom, don't know if TSA would hassle you about that.

              2. Thanks for the suggestions all, we had fun & ate lots in Maui.

                I wrote up my highlights with pics in this post: