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Mar 12, 2013 10:41 PM

Going to Daffodil Hill, Volcano & maybe Dandelion Days in Jackson--Munnerlyn's Ice Creamery Report w/ Pics

From the SF Bay Area we will be doing a road trip stopping at Indian Grinding Rock SHP, then to see Daffodil Hill out in Volcano. There is also Dandelion Days 3/15-16 in Historic Downtown Jackson.

Any places to eat in Volcano or Jackson for lunch? If not, we can pack our lunch in the car.

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  1. Next door to Volcano, swing by Pine Grove at Munnerlyn's Ice Creamery.

    Not lunch but worth a stop.

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    1. re: Melanie Wong

      Thank you Melanie. Indian Grinding Rock SHP is in Pine Grove so I'll be in the area. I'll call them to get their hours.

      Munnerlyn's Ice Creamery
      20145 State Highway 88, Pine Grove, CA 95665
      To try: Kit Carson Crunk; sorbets

      1. re: hhc

        Munnerlyn's posts each day's flavors on its Facebook page.

      2. re: Melanie Wong

        Speak for yourself! I can make Munnerlyn's a lunch stop!

        1. re: ricepad

          Right, I should talk, that ice cream sampler was my dinner!

          And now looking at the flavor board photo again, I see that tamales are listed in the bottom right corner. So maybe it is possible to nosh on something else too.

          Still hoping someone can give us an update on Union Pub in Volcano.

      3. Speaking of local food fests in Northern California it is time to start thinking about the Punjab American Heritage gathering in Yuba City over the Memorial Day weekend.

        1. After Indian Grinding Rock SHP (brought lunch from home) & Daffodil Hill we went to Munnerlyn's Ice Creamery. It's back on Hwy 88, not very far from the above. From Daffodil Hill make a Left on Hwy 88, it's like a block away on the Left after you make the turn, next to Sierra House Restaurant & across from El Dorado Savings Bank.

          It's a tiny shop with a very cool giant elephant artwork with ice cream in its trunk. One lady, I think the owner, helped us, very friendly. There were some people before us, but the line grew after we got in, she later got a young girl to help her. I tried 4 flavors & they were all good.

          Junior $2.5
          Reg $3.5
          Lg $5
          Sampler 6 mini scoops $5.75
          Hot fudge sundae Small $5.75; Lg $7.25
          Milkshakes 16oz $6
          Add Malt 50c
          Hand packed pints $6.5
          Fresh waffle cones $1

          Flavors change daily, check FB. Not updated enough though, & you can't get service on your iPhone to check either!

          When I went flavors were:
          Cake Batter
          Maple Walnut
          Irish Cream
          Blueberry Lavender Dark
          Chocolate Stout
          Kit Carson Crunk
          Cherry Vanilla
          Mango Habanero Sorbet
          Dulce de Leche
          Swiss Chocolate
          Fudge Sorbet
          Bubble Gum
          Rocky Road
          Meyer Lemon Custard

          I got Meyer Lemon Custard & Kit Carson Crunk on Waffle Cone $6; B. got Junior $2.5 (not enough Maple Walnut lady said, he got a mini scoop of another flavor think it was Vanilla) - Total $8.50. Charged it!

          One unisex bathroom in the back by the kitchen. Cool ice cream artwork posters in there. On FB they mentioned would open Sat 3/16/13 earlier 12-8 for Daffodil Hill folks.

          March hours:
          Tues Closed
          Sun 2-7
          Mon, W-Sat 2-8

          2 chairs & bench inside; outside 2 round tables with chairs.

          Tamales weren't on the menu or I would have bought some.