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Mar 12, 2013 10:00 PM

Intentionally oxidized wines

I know squadoosh about wine, but lately I've had a couple of almost oxidized tasting whites that have been really interesting. One was Robert Foley's Pinot Blanc he made for Red Hook. It almost had a sherry like taste which was great (an bizarre ecause I think sherry by itself is gross). Anyone else had anything like this or have any recs?

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  1. I really dislike oxidized whites and for my own purposes hope they fall from fad as somm. darlings.
    You can find a lot of Vin Jaune from Jura around. Like Chalon, Tissot, Tournelle. The Friulian/Slovenian stuff is very popular too. Producers like Radikon, Gravner, Cornelisen. Scholium Project also makes some domestic versions.
    All DNPIM (do not put in mouth) to me. There's a nutiness to them, but it's overwhelmed by other flavors I just don't care for.

    1. The luscious Hungarian wine, Tokaji Aszu (aka Tokay), is one of those wines that are enhanced by the sherry-like notes that oxidation brings. If you like desert wines and can find vintages at least 8 years old, Tokaji Aszu is worth a try.

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        mmm Love Tokaji Aszu, esp. 5 Puttonyos. But then, I also love Sherry/Jerez.

      2. Just curious:

        -- a) what makes you think this was INTENTIONALLY oxidized? did it say so on the label?

        -- b) how do you know the wine was make specifically for Red Hook? again, did it say so on the label? was it a different bottling of Pinot Blanc than his usual one?

        -- c) what vintage was the wine?

        I haven't seen the wine you are speaking of. I *have* however had Foley's Pinot Blanc, and it wasn't intentionally oxidized at all -- quite the contrary, in fact. According to his website (

        "Vinified with total focus on the fruit characteristics of the Pinot Blanc grape – elusive peach and jasmine blossom notes in the bouquet, a beautifully bodied mid-palate, and a flood of fruit and floral flavors. The wine was vinified entirely in stainless steel to preserve the freshness of fruit, no oak barrels, no malolactic fermentation. Ideal accompaniment to fish, poultry, pasta. Benefits from being served chilled. With a perfectly balanced acidity, you’ll find the 750ml bottle is really a single serving. Fresh as a fruit salad, great to sip, and versatile for food and wine pairing."

        1. I hate Jura and orange wines that are oxidized (orange means it's a white wine made with skin contact. The color is usually orange). I love white Riojas like Lopez de Heredia that are mildly oxidized and I love, love love white Rhones that can have an oxidized taste.
          So there's different ranges of oxidation.