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Mar 12, 2013 09:53 PM

Valladolid - Any new recs?

We are adventurous eaters and love it all, from the mercados to the street food to the fine dining. We will have two little ones with us for a few days in Valladolid, who are also great eaters and up for anything.

From this site I see that we have to go to Los Frailes, but not much else in the way of recommendations. Anyone have recommendations for cases familiares, street food, tacos, or anything else (food-related or otherwise) in Valladolid?

Thank you!

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  1. Heard a downhill report on Las Frailes a couple months ago, but I still think it bears checking out, you may have a far different opinion than the person from whom I heard less than stellar reports. There are any number of restaurants around the zocalo and down one of the main side streets

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      DD, I'm disappointed but not surprised about Las Frailes. Tourism in Mexico is WAY down, and many businesses dependent on it are struggling, and Valladolid is off the beaten path. Even on CH, I observed far fewer Mexico inquiries this past winter during the high season, than any in my CH history.

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        Yes, this Mexico board has been pretty slow the last 6 months or so, especially on places other than Baja.

        I'm leaving for Michoacan (hello Semana Santa!) next Thursday, maybe I'll find something worth posting about.

        As for Las Frailes, I know when I ate there the opening chef was still there and he had been recruited from one of the top resort hotels in Cancun. Apparently the owners of Las Frailes also own at least one restaurant in Cancun but were originally from Valladolid and wanted to move back. The food was quite good when we ate there, it was evident that whoever was in the kitchen actually had some good skills.

    2. Make sure to buy some coconut pralines from one of the Mayan ladies on the street- delicioso!

      1. Well, I really dislike the food in El Bazaar right off the main square so I wouldn't recommend going there. For Yucatecan breakfast antojitos, there is a place right across the street from Hotel Zaci...Doña Hermelina or something similar. There are a couple of stands that people love for tacos and tortas de cochinita in the block before the bus station and also on the side street where the taxis to Dzitnup leave from.

        There is a place that I like for dinner tacos but it doesn't open until 7 or 8 pm. It is on the street that Hotel Maria de Lourdes is would walk down that street with your back to the cathedral for three or four blocks and it'll be on your right. It begins with a P.

        Apologies for the vaguest directions ever. When I am in the area, I rarely eat in restaurants and typically just end up eating in the super touristy La Campana on the square. But these places I mentioned are all places that family and friends have brought me and places they choose to go to eat when leaving the village to have some food out.

        If you have a car or want to pay a bit for a taxi, I'd actually recommend going to the Acuatica which is on the road leaving the city to Merida. It is actually one of those places that tour buses stop, give tourists a buffet meal, and sell them souvenirs, and the food is not that great. But that's not why I suggest it!

        This place is JAMMING on the weekends with folks from Valladolid and surrounding villages who bring their kids to play in the pool. It's the type of place that you buy beer and they keep bringing you little antojitos, bowl after bowl of snacks. Some are pretty gross, but things Yucatecans ADORE, like cut up hot dogs swimming in ketchup.

        But it'll definitely be an experience, especially if your kids are over 5 years old...they will probably end up with tons of little friends when they go swimming.

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          GY, I was in Costa Rica with a gringo friend who upon seeing a sign with an arrow directing one to the pool, exclaimed "I'm not swimming in anything called a piscina." I still chuckle. And lots of kids in a pool gives me pause.