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Mar 12, 2013 09:21 PM

Anywhere in LA to find macaroons like Whisk LA made?

I don't mean to be a pill, but I'm only interested if you had the macaroons from Whisk LA. Apparently they're no longer in business. Although it is difficult to imagine Passover without them, I am on a quest to find a substitute. If you did not have the experience of a Whisk LA macaroon, you will not know what it is that I am looking for. Also, I don't want to get into a Chowhound "discussion" of who makes the best macaroon. I'm only interested in who makes the macaroon closest in feel and flavor to the Whisk LA macaroons. Thank you.

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  1. I've never been to Whisk LA I think Spago makes the best macaroons. YWIA.

      1. re: WileysHungryAgain

        OP is looking for Passover macaroons (i.e. chewy coconut mounds), not French macarons (a delicious, but completely different, unrelated cookie). I have no idea what Whisk LA macaroons are like, but in my experience, I think the venerable Bea's Bakery (in Tarzana) makes absolutely the best macaroons for Passover in the city. Chewy, dense flavor. Highly recommend trying them.

        1. re: archer

          Personally, I wouldn't know the first thing bout passover macaroons, nor communion wafers for that matter, but I'll certainly try them.

          1. re: archer

            I've had Bea's macaroons. They're good but nothing like the Whisk LA macaroons

        2. Try the ones from Diamond Bakery on Fairfax

          Diamond Bakery
          335 N Fairfax Ave
          Los Angeles, CA 90036
          (323) 655-0534

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            Thank you. How do they compare to the macaroons from Whisk LA?

          2. Complete shot in the dark and almost certainly not worth your time, but if you happen to be in the area, you could potentially give Wood Spoon a try. While I have no idea if they are like Whisk LA's, the macaroons at Wood Spoon look pretty darn identical to those of Whisk LA's (based on pictures I found on yelp) But seriously, most likely not worth your time.

            1. Whisk LA macaroons were amazing! I heard Rachel from Whisk LA became the pastry chef at The Gramercy Park Hotel in NY.

              Sure do miss those macaroons this time of year!

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              1. re: BarbaraRed

                I sincerely thank you for being the only person who was interested in answering the question, rather than trying to tell me what they think is the best macaroon.

                Yes, Rachel made the very best macaroons!

                1. re: BarbaraRed

                  Many, many thanks! You also, actually considered my situation and, rather than tell me your favorite macaroon, helped me find a substitute. I went to Wood Spoon, and they are quite tasty. No, they're not the same as Whisk LA, but I wasn't expecting that. They are, however, artisanal, and I suppose that is what I was truly searching for (rather than the same macaroons found at every Jewish bakery). Thank you! The Wood Spoon macaroons will be gracing my seder table.

                  1. re: EdRosa

                    Glad the Wood Spoon macaroons worked! Out of curiosity, how many did you order? I never thought of ordering their macaroons in relative bulk.