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Mar 12, 2013 08:36 PM

Which Dante Cecchini Restaurant?

My husband and children (18 and 21) are going to Tuscany in June/July, and we'll be there with our friends, who have children (17 and 20). When we were there 8 years ago, we got meat from Dante Cecchini's butcher shop in Panzano and grilled it and it was fantastic. This time, we all want to go to one of Dante Cecchini's restaurants. Solo Cicchia or Antica Macelleria Checchini. But which one? Of the 8 of us, 2 are vegetarians, but I get the sense that there are plenty of veggies for them at either restaurant. We're looking for the most fun experience. We're also going to Sostanza in Florence, so we have the bistecca thing covered. For Panzano, we want the one that is the most fun, the most likely to meet people from Italy and have a great time with great food. Which of the 2 of those Checchini restaurants do you recommend?

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  1. We had a very enjoyable meal at solociccia a few years ago. While it is particularly suited to groups as the tables are large and communal, it is wave after wave of beef dishes, and your vegetarians would not be able to have an enjoyable meal there.

    1. personally i adore the solociccia more than the steak place- if you want a sunday lunch or dinner. During the week my favorite is to do the lunch- upstairs where the Officina della Bistecca is. he serves a fabulous burger or a tasting menu of things from the shop, porchetta, the "tuna" del chianti, meatloaf with the pepper jelly ( my recipe from when I worked there) and the "sushi" raw marinated beef. i have written up several of the experiences on my blog--

      dario now has a vegetarian menu--- which you can see on his website i believe.