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Mar 12, 2013 07:08 PM

Around The Thumb

In the next month or two I plan to make a trip to Michigan's Thumb area. I don't know exactly what cities I'm hitting but it will be somewhere in Huron, Tuscola, and Sanilac counties. Any kind of food is fine.

Last week I made a preliminary one night trip to Algonac. All I hit is a Big Boy in Marine City and a Chinese place next to a Kroger in Algonac. The trip was kind of rushed.

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  1. In Sanillac County, in the city of Port Sanillac, there's Mary's Diner which has a good version of Chicken Marsala that's served as a nightly (or almost every night, anyway) special. This is a very unassuming place, without any fanfare or ambiance, but it's earnest, and even I have to give the Chicken Marsala a solid thumbs-up. The mashed sweet potatoes that came with it were certainly brighter than I've ever seen sweet potatoes be before, and they didn't thrill me, but the rest of my family loves them.

    Other stuff on the menu hasn't thrilled me as much, but that Chicken Marsala? Yeah, that definitely makes the grade. I should add that it's not available during lunch, so far as I know.

    1. Consider "The Farm" in Port Austin. It's unique and delicious. I don't think you'll be disappointed.

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        I looked at The website for the Farm in Port Austin. Does a person need a reservation to get a seat?

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          I would give them a call and ask. We did call for reservations but we were there during the summer. They'll be able to advise you. I really hope you give them a try. The owner and I are both friends with Mary Brady, owner of Diamond Jim Brady's in Novi. Mary speaks very highly of her. Let us know if you go.

          1. re: SonyBob

            I made it to The Farm last night.

            The place is remote. It's not exactly in Port Austin but around 6 miles to the south southwest. I drove past it on Point Crescent Road and ended at the Buccaner Den, (it didn't look as nice.)

            My reservation was at 8:30 but I made it there at 8. It sat at the bar for about ten minutes, drank a sprite, and saw deer run by the window while the NCAA Basketball playoffs were playing. I had the Glazed Sirloin with French Onion Soup. It was the best steak I've had in years. it was very tended and flavorful. The menu is very small but I guess a lot of places are like that and it's something I'm not used to.

            The only mar to a great evening was a drunk who was mad about his ribs, even though some else in his party payed his tab and he finished his meal, (can we say schmuck.)

            Thanks for the recomendation

            1. re: syrup09

              Glad you liked it. Shoulda warned you that it was a little out of town. It really is a farm. I''m pretty sure the menu will expand as the warm weather sets in and tourist season ramps up.
              Sorry about the drunk. Had a similar experience when McKinnon's was serving in Northville.

          2. re: syrup09

            A reservation couldn't hurt, but they've expanded in the last couple years, so you shouldn't have problem getting in. By far the best restaurant in the Thumb.

            While you're in the area, grab a drink and an appetizer near the farm at The Bank in Pt. Austin. The bar upstairs is the old bank vault.

            If you're go further down the road, Giuseppe's in Caseville has a great eggplant parm. My friends and family love the Shipwreck Salad at Riverside Roadhouse in Caseville too. Lefty's gets great reviews for breakfast.