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Mar 12, 2013 06:52 PM

Italian Touch in Cranbury, NJ

This place opened a few months ago and was quickly added to our food rotation. Located on Rt. 535 & Rt 130 (right behind Enterprise Rent a Car, strange location). The pizza is good, salads are fresh and excellent, everything we have tried has been well received. If you live in, or drive through, the area, you should try them. They did a great job with the restaurant, nice outdoor seating area as well, for the quickly approaching warm weather. As a bonus, the workers are all very pleasant!

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  1. Have any of you Mercer/Middlesex County folks tried this yet? I picked up food the other night and they are adding more of a dining room due to demand. Food is still very good. Location is still weird, but I can't fix that!