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Mar 12, 2013 06:33 PM

l’Anacréon in the 13th?

Eric Tessier. Focus on seafood including oysters from Cancale N°3/Sylvain Bertheau. Worth a visit?



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  1. I have not, turned off by Philippe Toinard's saying the food there "lacks brio." It's been open since 2009 and there's been precious little buzz; what have you heard?

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      Walked by today to have a look and they were closed. Sign says they will be reopening next week - Tuesday. That's our last night in town for this trip, so probably won't risk it for their first night back. Had heard from neighbors in the 13th where we sometimes stay that the quality of ingredients was high, but precious little else since they usually order oysters and grilled sardines. A search here on Chowhound turned up zero.