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Mar 12, 2013 05:45 PM

How to know if sweet potato is too old

We've had some sweet potatoes siting around on the counter for a while. I started to cut them up to roast but not sure if they're too old. The flesh has some yellow parts on in in addition to the usual beige/off white color, and the skin on one looks like it has like thick veins inside it. Is there a way to know when a sweet potato is too old? What's the shelf life when kept on the counter at room temp? They weren't exposed to sun but weren't in a cool dark place either. Thank you!

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  1. When mine have become too old one of two things happens. An area becomes soft, black and oozes liquid. Less often the thing becomes very hard and dries up.

    There are many varieties of sweet potatoes and some tend to be fibrous - perhaps that is what the thick veins are?

    Let your senses guide you. How does it look, smell and feel? Does it feel firm? Is it still moist inside? If the discoloration occurs with a change in texture (darker + mushy) I would discard it.

    Do try to store them in a loosely wrapped paper bag. They need air flow in a dark spot.

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      Thanks next time I will store it that way. These ones had gotten too old. I thought they'd be okay but they tasted off.

    2. You should microwave a chunk and taste it. That way, if it's bad, you're not ruining the whole dish. If it's good, you're golden.