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Hell's Kitchen 3/12/2013

Starts tonight. Will you watch?

I probably will at least watch the first episode.

Do they cook the same dishes on each season and on each episode?

Seems that way but I can't be sure, didn't pay attention I guess.

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  1. I decided to watch tonight and was taken by surprise when I recognized one of the chefs from Boston. Christian worked at Artu in the North End. So for me it makes it more interesting. The format is the same as last season and scallops and rissotto always see to be part of the challenge.

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    1. re: Pegmeister

      He wasn't the one who was eliminated I hope

      1. re: madeliner

        No he wasn't eliminated, but. It definitely looks like he is trying to stay under the radar.

    2. HK was, ugh... From the promos it looks like it's the amazing race to conquer the fear factor so you can try to cook in Hell's kitchen. This might just be too over the top for me. I am also so fed up of the artificial, purposeful drama- every challenge since season 1 has come down to the last two chefs- one from each team- there has never been a blowout. Enough already! I know it's Fox, over produced, theatrical but for the first time (okay, maybe not the first time)- I also find it insulting to the viewer.

      I just hope Anthony stays- his comments in the confessional were hysterical. I still love me some Gordon, I'm just not sure I love me some Gordon's Hell's Kitchen.

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      1. re: maisonbistro

        I agree - Gordon R can write his own ticket at this point

      2. I didn't realize this show was still in production...

        1. honeybooboo cooks is all I can say

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          1. I'm rooting for Al Dente.

            1. I hate to admit I've seen a fair number of previous seasons' episodes and did see some of this one. Is it just me or does this show seem more fake with every season? Where did they find these people and are they for real? With one or two exceptions, did they all come from the same sideshow trailer park? After seeing how FN's Mystery Diner was completely and utterly fake I'm starting to wonder how many of these "reality" shows are too, and this one seems to be heading in that direction. I know all reality shows are edited to put a spin on it or add drama that likely wouldn't otherwise be there but this one is over the top.

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              1. re: RC51Mike

                I think ALL reality TV is heavily and routinely edited and often scripted. Why do I still get sucked in? :-)

              2. Jeremy reminds me of Gomer Pyle from Full Metal Jacket. Either that, or he needs a hockey mask.

                1. Anyone else think puppet lady is a plant?

                  Each season of HK gets more ridiculous than the last.

                  I wish Fox would just pick up some of gordon's old BBC shows and show that instead.

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                  1. re: daeira

                    i was really hoping she was a plant...

                    the episode was ridiculous, over dramatic, but we had a fun time watching.

                    1. re: daeira

                      Yes. Every dang reality TV show gets progressively more fake every season...I would honestly prefer more honest, even if less dramatic, episodes, but maybe their polling shows otherwise.

                    2. Watched 2-3 seasons in the middle of its run decided it was too repetitive and was sick of all the yelling. Just finished watching the Taste. Looking for something new. It will not be HK.

                      1. I'll watch but I couldn't DVR the first episode. My Verizon DVR can only record two shows at the same time and I was recording The Taste finale and Ultimate Fighter. I'll watch it next week.

                        1. I was happy to see JP back. His return was overly contrived, but nice to have him back regardless. As usual, saw too much of the reward/punishment and not enough of the cooking. Will I keep watching? Heck yes! Something about watching people who applied and beat out thousands of other people just to be able to be called a donkey on national TV amuses me to no end.

                          1. Sooo, he shut down the kitchens because???????? One lamb dish was raw???? I really think my tolerance level has been reached or it is the worst season yet. How many times have there been but handful of chefs left and yet he doesn't SHUT IT OFF??? Ramsay and network seem to think all the viewers are donkeys.

                            And what's with whozits that left because of a "disagreement"- right, because there were never any personality clashes in previous seasons........ What a shocker that someone called her out.

                            1. Have they been told not to smoke on camera anymore?

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                              1. re: C. Hamster

                                Hmmm, I'm pretty sure I saw Ray with a cigarette. Now, I'm curious and will have to check out on demand!!

                              2. I wish they'd lose the "to be continued" schtick. I'm pretty sure when Tuesday comes it will be Jeremy going home even tho the women lost.

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                                  1. re: Worldwide Diner

                                    I liked her until she faced being put up on the block. Then she became a nasty, whiny shouty creature I just can't like. She deserved to be up there and she knew it. My money is still on Jeremy going home. He seems clueless.

                                    1. re: Firegoat

                                      Which raises a point about who they should put up. Nedra was arguing that she's not the worst cook on her team even though she probably had the worst service that night. Mary is weak but didn't screw up that night. Gordo gets to pick whoever he wants depending on who he wants to shame and humiliate for our enjoyment.

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                                        You're right on the money. So what do you think happens to the 4 picked for elimination tonight? Could Ramsay boot them all? Or make them switch sides? What else can the writers of HK come up with?

                                        1. re: Worldwide Diner

                                          What should happen: they kick all four off.
                                          What could happen: they make all four cook in a separate kitchen against the other two teams.
                                          What will happen: What always happens. They switch sides. Perhaps they get a pet shark to jump over on the way.

                                          1. re: Firegoat

                                            But ... But ...

                                            Chef Ramsay does something to/with them that he's *never, ever, ever, EVER done before in the whole HISTORY of Hells Kitchen*

                                            And I'm pretty sure the producers got the smoking memo, since I havent seen anyone do so yet.

                                            1. re: C. Hamster

                                              Perhaps he will order all four of them to take up smoking.....

                                              1. re: Firegoat

                                                Make them play Russian roulette (with fake bullets of course).

                                  2. I believe that armor is a replica of Japanese armor. In any case, there seems to be no punishment if a team picks only 4 ingredients instead of 5 for a dish. We're you required to those ingredients? Yan, I think, was being very charitable. Rice wine vinegar in fried rice?