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Mar 12, 2013 05:27 PM

Hell's Kitchen 3/12/2013

Starts tonight. Will you watch?

I probably will at least watch the first episode.

Do they cook the same dishes on each season and on each episode?

Seems that way but I can't be sure, didn't pay attention I guess.

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  1. I decided to watch tonight and was taken by surprise when I recognized one of the chefs from Boston. Christian worked at Artu in the North End. So for me it makes it more interesting. The format is the same as last season and scallops and rissotto always see to be part of the challenge.

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    1. re: Pegmeister

      He wasn't the one who was eliminated I hope

      1. re: madeliner

        No he wasn't eliminated, but. It definitely looks like he is trying to stay under the radar.

    2. HK was, ugh... From the promos it looks like it's the amazing race to conquer the fear factor so you can try to cook in Hell's kitchen. This might just be too over the top for me. I am also so fed up of the artificial, purposeful drama- every challenge since season 1 has come down to the last two chefs- one from each team- there has never been a blowout. Enough already! I know it's Fox, over produced, theatrical but for the first time (okay, maybe not the first time)- I also find it insulting to the viewer.

      I just hope Anthony stays- his comments in the confessional were hysterical. I still love me some Gordon, I'm just not sure I love me some Gordon's Hell's Kitchen.

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      1. re: maisonbistro

        I agree - Gordon R can write his own ticket at this point

      2. I didn't realize this show was still in production...

        1. honeybooboo cooks is all I can say

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          1. I'm rooting for Al Dente.