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Mar 12, 2013 05:26 PM

Mixer for 200 ppl near Minneapolis convention center

I have an out of town friend that is helping to plan a conference at the Minneapolis Convention Center in mid-August. He's asked me if there are any cool locations for an evening mixer near the convention center (i.e. walking distance). There will probably be around 200 people attending.
Do you guys have any recommendations I should pass along?

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  1. If it is a weeknight (and I'm guessing it is), your friend may be able to reserve upstairs at Brits Pub. Porter and Frye also has a level that they hardly use, and maybe they could do something.

    1. Try Solera or Seven. Great rooftop's for a mingling event. Also, Chambers hotel has a private level, but not sure what is happening there with all the changeover of food and beverage there

      1. Will people be coming straight from the convention center? Or from their hotel? You may want to find out which (and what hotel) as that would open up your options.

        1. It would be helpful if you could define walking distance. 2 blocks? A mile?

          1. I don't know how much money they're looking to spend, but you can rent out the Dakota for private events, and it definitely has a cool vibe.