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Anniversary dinner in San Diego

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Hi, will be in SD this weekend with my boyfriend to celebrate our anniversary. Would like to find a nice dinner spot, not super expensive. We are young and not rich (yet). Thanks.

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  1. Where are you staying?

    1. Do you have a car?
      Anything you like? (might narrow it down a bit)
      Anything you don't like? (might narrow it down a bit)
      Where do you live ?(tells us what kind of food you are used to)

      1. Not sure where the hotel is. Yes, we will have a car. We live in Santa Barbara and have a pretty flexible palate.

        1. Rancho Valencia resort
          AR Valentien at the Lodge at Torrey Pines
          Eddie V's
          Grant Grill
          Drinks at Marine Room

          Love SB..happy

          1. Thanks. I'll look into these.

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              On the more strict budget, but still a pleasant atmosphere end, you might consider Cafe Chloe or Farmhouse Cafe.

            2. WIne Vault is the best value in San Diego. If you go Friday night for $35 you get 3 courses with wine pairings. It has the special feel without costing too much. Just make sure and make a res.

              Cafe Chloe, Urban Solace are also very nice and pretty good value.

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              1. re: bocasdeltorro

                Wine vault is tasty but EXTREMELY small portions. You will leave hungry.

                My vote is for smoking goat. A very tasty bistro located in South Park with a nice setting and service.

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                  The smoking goat is excellent.

                  Portion size is quite subjective. One the main reasons I like wine vault so much is that I can have a three course meal and not feel sick afterwards. At most restaurants if I order an appetizer, entree, and dessert to myself I feel overly stuffed.

                  Restaurant week is the same way. A lot of people dislike the smaller portion size whereas I feel the smaller portion sizes allow me to try more courses and not feel sick afterwards.

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                    I avoid restaurant week ilke the plauge - not because of portion size, but because of the sub-standard fare most places typically serve up.

                  2. re: yanks26dmb

                    For an anniversary dinner, small portions is probably a good thing, as fullness tends to limit later activities. Let's not elaborate on this.