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Mar 12, 2013 03:50 PM

Breakfast ideas in Encino

I'm looking for a place in the Encino area where I can pick up breakfast items for a group of 12 to 15 people. (not fast food) Any ideas?

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  1. Not sure what you have in mind by "breakfast items," but there is a Corner Bakery Cafe in Encino, as well as a Panera. Both of them have baked goods, fresh fruit, breakfast sandwiches, etc. There's also a Western Bagel in Encino that has bagels, cream cheese, baked goods, etc.

    1. Le Pain Quotidien and Corner Bakery should both be viable options.

      1. Thank you so much. I am familiar with Corner Bakery, but will look at Panera and Le Pain Quotidien. I was hoping there might be some kind of a place that would have something like a breakfast casserole or breakfast quiche or something that would feed multiple people.

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          republic of pie in NoHo but that might be a slight drive for you, depending on where you're coming from.

        2. Not sure if they do catering, but worth a try (and they can deliver, apparently). I went there once for a lunch w/ a colleague, and the food was well-prepared (if a bit inoffensively bland):

          1. Boneyard Bistro [opens at noon]
            ok, one veg sammie, lotsa bacon items; prolly not the least bit veg friendly, but for another time

            The Getty [opens at 10, restaurant opens at 11
            Maybe a bit far, but cool site, great view with food

            Izakaya M [opens at noon
            no w/e lunch menu; some tofu items in the main menu

            and the usual suspects:

            veg-friendly menu

            Marmalade Cafe
            pancakes & oatmeal veg options

            John O' Groats
            a veg option in most lunch categories

            Coral Tree Cafe
            many veg-friendly options

            More Than Waffles
            full menu/healthy menu/gluten-free menu/kids menu
            small, downstairs in Encino shopping ctr; dunno bout the res, but they're friendly; cal

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              My impression was that the OP didn't necessarily want to eat at the restaurant itself....