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Who is the best Iron chef ever?

I would have to say Masaharu Morimoto and for my number two pick Geoffrey Zakarian.

who do you choose?

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  1. I suspect Chef Morimoto will run away with this thread.
    He came up first in my thinking. After some thought, I am going to say Bobby Flay. He has shown tremendous variety away from southwest/spicy/bar-b-que roots. His fish presentations have been tremendous. Battle barramundi is a good example.

    1. Hiroyuki Sakai, from the original Japanese show. Iron Chef Sakai was so far ahead of those on the US version it is no contest. I loved it when a local SF Asian station carried it (sub-titles, before the Food Network hilarious dubbing) and I think every iteration of it has been downhill since. Ahhh, the good old days.

      1. Sakai, no argument. Although I have a soft spot for Chen Kenichi, all his dishes look like glop. I liked Nakamoto, but I don't think any of his episodes made it to Food Network.

        Of the new ones, Morimoto, hands down. Flay has grown a lot, but IMHO he's still pedestrian. Batalli's my runner-up. I loathe the one who giggles so much I can't remember his name.

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        1. 1. Morimoto
          2. Bobby Flay
          3. Michael Simon

          1. 1. Rokusaburo Michiba
            2. Hiroyuki Sakai

            1. Morimoto is the best IMO. My favorite one to watch has always been Mario Batali but Morimoto is just freaking amazing.

              1. you are all wrong.....it's Chen Kenichi

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                  Any of the original chefs from the original show. Chen and Sakai would be my top choices too. Imagine eating the dishes they prepared years ago when they were at the top of their form. Now I'm going to watch 'Eat Drink Man Woman'. Talk about 'food porn'.

                2. Chen Kenichi as well, the battle yoghurt was the pinacle of his talent. Never tasted or experienced yoghurt in his life and managed an oustanding set of dishes... and the win.

                  1. 1) Batali
                    2) Morimoto/Sakai (tie)

                    1. Morimoto is by far my favorite. Michael Simon would be my second pick.

                      I haven't seen the Japanese version, so I guess I'm a little limited in my options.

                      1. Another vote for Sakai. I wish I could still get the old Japanese shows. I don't even bother to watch the US one anymore.

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                          Get yourself over to ye olde youtube. There's a fair collection. Never had an interest in the US version after a few hundred midnight viewings of IC Japan in university. Was that really over 10 yrs ago?? I keep waiting for it to come back.

                          And, of course, Sakai.

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                            It has - lucky Japanese viewers.


                            Hopefully some enterprising American will arrange for translation and production here. Soon.

                            Chen Kinichi, for me. My close runner-up is Morimoto.

                        2. Hiroyuki Sakai, followed closely by Chen Kenichi. None of the chefs on the American show even come close, imho.

                            1. I call a tie between Masaharu Morimoto and Mario Batali. That's for Iron Chef America.

                              1. I also think Sakai was beyond fabulous in the original series. I will also say the Flay does a really, really good job on ICA, as does Michael Symon.

                                1. I have a problem with Morimoto. When he and Rob Feenie were getting 'briefed' about the so-called 'secret ingredient' (crab) in the days leading up to the taping Rob tried a couple of times to approach Morimoto just to shake his hand and say 'Hi'. Morimoto had instructed his handler/s not to allow Rob near him. Morimoto, after he lost to Rod, refused to acknowledge Rob away from the cameras. He was just plain rude.
                                  IMO Morimoto is a far far better chef than Rob was/is but rudeness in a man I do not care for.

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                                    How do you know this information

                                  2. Iron Chef America: Batali (ex) and Flay.
                                    Original Japanese: Sakai and Morimoto

                                    I read Mario left because he was tired of his food being judged by "actresses" and others who knew nothing about fine cuisine.