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Mar 12, 2013 03:34 PM

Who is the best Iron chef ever?

I would have to say Masaharu Morimoto and for my number two pick Geoffrey Zakarian.

who do you choose?

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  1. I suspect Chef Morimoto will run away with this thread.
    He came up first in my thinking. After some thought, I am going to say Bobby Flay. He has shown tremendous variety away from southwest/spicy/bar-b-que roots. His fish presentations have been tremendous. Battle barramundi is a good example.

    1. Hiroyuki Sakai, from the original Japanese show. Iron Chef Sakai was so far ahead of those on the US version it is no contest. I loved it when a local SF Asian station carried it (sub-titles, before the Food Network hilarious dubbing) and I think every iteration of it has been downhill since. Ahhh, the good old days.

      1. Sakai, no argument. Although I have a soft spot for Chen Kenichi, all his dishes look like glop. I liked Nakamoto, but I don't think any of his episodes made it to Food Network.

        Of the new ones, Morimoto, hands down. Flay has grown a lot, but IMHO he's still pedestrian. Batalli's my runner-up. I loathe the one who giggles so much I can't remember his name.

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        1. 1. Morimoto
          2. Bobby Flay
          3. Michael Simon

          1. 1. Rokusaburo Michiba
            2. Hiroyuki Sakai