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Mar 12, 2013 02:24 PM

Best formal/semi-formal restaurant in Mercer county?

Looking to plan a special occasion dinner for myself and 2 girlfriends. We are in our early 30s, looking for delicious food, modern atmosphere. Nice wine list and/or cocktail menu a plus. We are all based in Manhattan but will be in Princeton for biz. Price not an option. TIA!

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  1. elements (modern food and atmosphere) or The Peacock Inn (modern food / traditional atmosphere) are both in Princeton and both outstanding.

    Chef's table at elements is a great experience. 9 to 14 small courses - if you include the various amuse and treats along the way.

    and check out Agricola Eatery in Princeton. Just opened and looks very promising. Chef x-French Laundry and other top kitchens. Local farm to table cuisine.

    1. Peacock Inn in Princeton would be my first choice

      1. You might also want to consider Rat's Restaurant on the Grounds for Sculpture in Hamilton Twp. See

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            +1 for Rats. I prefer the brunch there which in spring is a wonderful way to enjoy the grounds and the wonderful food.

            If you are willing to go for a BYO, (saves a bit of money and you can bring wine from NYC.. ) Blue Bottle Cafe in Hopewell is really puting out some great food.

          2. One of my favs in the Princeton area is Eno Terra, great special occasion place. Great food, great service, nice bar

            1. I made reservations at both Rats and Agricola Eatery. Has anyone eaten at Agricola yet? I have been to Rats (and do love their brunch @cwdonald). Which do you think is better for a group in their early 30s for food/ambience? Thanks!

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                Agricola over Rat's.

                We've been to Agricola twice for dinner and we've already made reservations to go back again. The crowd at Agricola is a lot of 20's, 30's and young at heart 40+! Food is excellent. Smaller portions. Unique cocktails, well served. Plus Agricola's location in the heart of town offers a lot of pre or post dinner options.

                Agricola review -