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Mar 12, 2013 01:54 PM

BYO recos for 8 in Montclair

Hello Chowhounds,

I need some good suggestions for an upscale/casual (great food/not to stuffy) BYO restaurant that can accommodate our group. We are all 40+ friends who don't get together as much as we like, so although we won't be drunk and loud, we will be talking and laughing a lot;-)


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  1. Any cuisine preference? I'll throw some options out:

    Salute - Italian - place is deafening so you can laugh to your heart's content
    Fin - Seafood - sister restaurant to Salute
    Aozora - sushi/japanese
    Costanera - Peruvian
    Mesob - Ethiopian

    Some other recos may be a bit tight for 8 - Blu/Next Door, Samba (Brazilian)

    1. Blu
      Next Door
      Samba (Brazilian--I have a post on this board w/details)

      I'll also throw out the idea of Stamna Greek Taverna in Bloomfield, on the Montclair border.

      All of these match what you're looking for...the catch will be getting the reservation locked down (hint: ASAP)!

      1. Saveur Creole
        131 Grove St Montclair,
        (973) 744-3506

        Liquor store is next to the restaurant

        This is real island / Haitian creole. Not New Orleans Cajun style

        1. Salute is a good choice but Corso 98 is my favorite.

          Heres another good one.

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            Have to agree that Corso 98 has excellent food, but unless the night I was there was an anomaly, I don't feel like it has a festive vibe to it, which the OP seemed to want. Then again, a boisterous group of 8 could make it festive...! Food there is terrific--no question there--but also more expensive than some of the other places posted.

          2. Acappello...check out my review/comments here recently. It will work well for you...fits the bill...very good food, service, and not loud, pretentious, and everyone having a good time.

            Check out the thread I started...good luck and enjoy!