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Mar 12, 2013 10:32 AM

Least Alcohol Tasting Wine

I (at 79 yrs old) am told that red wine helps lower blood pressure. So I bought a bottle of wine (one recommended by a grocery store salesperson for someone who doesn't drink alcohol), but I couldn't get past the taste of the alcohol. I tried for a week, beginning with 2 ounces. But each day it tasted worse and worse with less and less, so I gave up. I would like to know what red wine has the least alcohol taste. Can anyone help me. Thanks.

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  1. Since you have not much experience with wine, are you sure it was the alcohol that tasted so bad? It could be simply that the wine was not to your taste. There is a tremendous variation in red wines. There are many things that contribute to the flavor, some of which might be off-putting, especially to someone who is new to red wine. (I am thinking of tannins.) Personally, I would not trust the advice of a grocery store clerk - while some may be knowledgeable, or even experts, that would be more of the exception than the rule.

    Here is a suggestion. Go to a store that specializes in wines and talk with someone there. They will be much more likely to give you good advice, and they may be willing to let you taste before you buy.

    1. Do you know which red wine you had?

      1. Try a wine with a low alcohol percentage on the label. These will tend to be from Europe -but there are exceptions (low is under 14% in my book).

      2. Try light red wines. Beaujolais (NOT nouveau) may be a good place to start. Pinot Noir can also work.

      3. I agree with PinchOfSalt that generally you will do much better at a wine store than at a grocery store.