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Mar 12, 2013 01:48 PM

How to store LC enamel cookware: can you stack it?

I recently bought several LC pieces: 3 dutch ovens, grill pan, fry pan. They are still in their boxes. My other cookware is stacked in cupboards in the kitchen. What is the best way to store LC and still save space? Thanks!

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  1. Insert three of those white bumpers on the largest of the dutch oven, equidistant, like an equilateral triangle. Turn the largest lid over, and rest it on the bumpers, so that the white side is what you see.

    Stack the next biggest dutch oven on the white surface, insert three bumpers on it, then the lid, upside down.

    When you get to the top, you can place the lid on right-side-up.

    This is to prevent scratching the lid on the black surface of the dutch oven.

    The grill pan and fry pan, you may want to use sheets of large bubblewrap. I only have one fry pan, and I use it so often, it stays on the stove nearly full-time. But if I store it on a shelf, I use bubble wrap.

    1. i stack smaller pieces inside larger pieces. i don't use any special equipment, i expect pots and pans to be tough ;)

      1. Hi, lafondu:

        You want to display it? If so, I'd either put them on shelves or an etagere *unstacked*. Or hang the pans and get a rack for the lids.

        If you just want to store the pieces, I'd nest/stack whatever fits, interleaved with light dish towels. There is a seller on eBay who sells round pan covers with elastic-corded rims (i.e., shaped like a graduated set of shower caps) that work pretty well, too.


        1. I strongly advise a dish towel or some kind of padding between enameled cast iron pieces that are stacked.

          There's a set of four LC gratin pans here that nest (#32, 28, 24, 20), and between them I use a piece of the perforated-foam sold for shelf liner.

          1. Thanks to everyone for your responses! I think I'll use a combination of dish towels and foam to put between the pieces so they don't chip. :)