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Mar 12, 2013 01:42 PM

paris restaurant check!

My daughter & boyfriend (mid 20s) will be in Paris next week, staying near St Germaine Blvd in the 6th. (on the Rue Saint-André des Arts). They want great food but hoping to not get too crazy with prices. Here's what they are thinking. Anything they should eliminate? Any 'cant be missed' that they are missing? Thanks!
Le Florimond, L’Épigramme, Le Troquet, La Ferrandaise, Le Christine

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  1. Give them Lecture #1 - any restaurant in Paris is accessible by metro & bus in 45 minutes; let them spread their wings.
    Troquet is not nearby but good, albeit one meal was over-salted.
    I'd skip Florimond and Christine; you know Ferrandaise is beef-heavy, eh?
    My current new 6th (not nec nr St G) favorites are
    H Kitchen
    Ze Kitchen Galerie (old but innovates all the time)
    Pinxo RG

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    1. re: John Talbott

      Why skip Florimond? I remember having a great meal several years ago...

      1. re: css

        You've eaten there more recently than I; my meal was before I started blogging so I just have my addled brain to rely on, nothing written down although I'm sure the CIA could come up with it.

        1. re: John Talbott

          We dined at Florimond twice last year and enjoyed our meal both times - plus the owner/host/server is very welcoming (and speaks English for those who need it).

    2. All good if unsurprising selections. None are, however, exactly "unmissable" and all are more or less traditional in type of cuisine and vibe, and indeed are good examples of the genre. This is exactly what many visitors to Paris want but some, especially the younger ones (which includes John Talbott), appreciate a certain sense of adventure and a more contemporary buzz. Taking myself back to my 20s, I would have gotten bored very quickly with a such a series of interchangeable restaurants. So maybe a little more variety in the selection by including a few of the newer hip restos with a younger clientèle, creative cooking, and great food at great prices like Pierre Sang Boyer, Roseval, Pirouette, Clandestino, Le 122. (and the list could go on and on)

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        Would love to hear your thoughts on my itinerary... (thread posted)

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          they are in mid air right now but will pass along! Thanks.

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            "some....appreciate a certain sense of adventure...the younger ones (which includes John Talbott)"
            I've written a lot about this. When I came once a year, 45 years ago, I really cherry-picked and I can understand that, even 4 times a year one wants to make the most of the NYT, CH, bloggers' tips but living here, even though not younger by any means, though I appreciate the nod Parnassien, I like to strike out.
            So just in the past few weeks I and my hostage guests have done very well indeed at Bistrotters, Petit Champerret, 6 Paul Bert, Gagnage, Flamboire, 110 Taillevent (OK I was late), Felicity Lemon (ditto).
            If you're here for a week - take a stab, a gamble, what can you lose? And you'll have bragging rights when the NYT, Food and Wine and the other spoilers "discover it."
            And BTW, I agree with Parnassien that Pierre Sang Boyer, Pirouette, Clandestino, & Le 122 are great.