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Mar 12, 2013 12:59 PM

Upscale Dining for a Group of 18

Looking at restaurants for a group of 18 (with a company that is in the wine business) for dinner on a Wed. Have the following list accumulated. Recommendations? thank you --

Spruce -- Laurel room, seat 40
Prospect -- Candace room, seat 50
Town Hall -- private dining room, seat 40
Benu -- private dining room seat 18
Farallon -- Sevruga room, seat 18
Quince -- private dining room, seat 18

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  1. I think Town Hall is more casual than what you're looking for.

    1. For *really* upscale, you probably want Benu but I think it is too over-the-top and with 18 people, you guys are going to want to talk business and the food will get lost.

      Of your list, I would heartily suggest Quince: Elegant, great food, beautiful atmosphere, and the right size.

      You will feel dwarfed with your first three...

      1. Thanks Ruth and Carrie -- I appreciate it! --

        1. La Folie has a fabulous private room and I prefer it to the two I've tried on your list (Benu and Quince).

          The others I can't speak for or against.