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Mar 12, 2013 12:53 PM

Reasonably priced great eats for lunch - East 50's

Looking for suggestions for great lunch near 53rd and Madison where I'll be attending training all week next week. Not looking to spend too much (saving company $$ for nice dinners!).

Ideally some ideas for excellent sushi and thai, but interested to hear ideas for anything people love. Food trucks, take out sandwiches...all of your favorites within walking distance. I don't mind a trek, but something I can accomplish within an hour.

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  1. Bonchon
    Grand Sichuan
    Angelo's pizza
    The National
    The Smith

    1. I work at 53rd and Park and here is a list of my favorite lunch places.

      Obao - Viet/Thai great food, great value, my go to place, get pho, pork chops with fried rice, beef pat sih ew(sp?)

      Radicchio - Italian, mushroom risotto and seafood pasta- excellent value as well

      Clarke's standard-newest burger joint by PJ Clarke

      Glaze- Teriyaki chicken and salmon

      Pizza by Cer te- wild mushroom slice and desserts

      Land of Plenty- my favorite chinese restaurant in the city

      Hide Chan- Japanese ramen

      Jukai - New Japanese restaurant that has an excellent lunch menu

      If you are willing to go south, there are really good japanese restaurants like Sakagura and Aburiya Kinnosuke which are often mentioned here in Chowhound.

      Also, i believe there is some kind of Japanese restaurant week going on right now...and also next week too. Both in restaurants and in Grand Central station.

      I am not a big fan of food trucks and sandwiches(there aren't too many places that sell great sandwiches in my opinion).

      1. I also recommend Jukai. Great value at lunch and dinner. I believe I have already recommended this place about a year ago.

        Another place will be Megu Midtown for its Japanese Restaurant Week special as Monica mentioned. Megu Midtown's ekiben costs $15 plus tax and gratuity, and this is what you will get:

        dashi maki egg, konbu, deep-fried crunchy asparagus, grilled cod, chicken karaage, beef menchi katsu, braised mushroom and zucchini, braised lotus roots, deep-fried shrimp with mayo, skewered beef, kamaboko fish cake and shishito pepper, scallop, avocado rolls and tuna rolls.
        Served with miso soup.

        This menu will be available until next week at Megu Midtown.
        (and at Grand Central Terminal too, on Mar. 19, 20, and 21)

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          1. If you like sushi, go to Dainobu Japanese grocery on 56th Street between Fifth & Sixth Ave (across the street from Ma Peche) and buy their chirashi sushi for $8.99 plus tax. It's pretty good!