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Mar 12, 2013 12:29 PM


As a long time Chowhounder who's just returned to the boards after an absence, I'm just now getting used to the major changes that appear to have occurred a while ago. Most of it I'm good with, but I have a question - what happened to the Stories section? Top ten lists, Table Manners, etc? I really liked those.

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    1. Hi BobB.

      Welcome back!

      I think what you're looking for is our Blog:

      And as Servorg noted with that Table Manners link, Helena wrote her last column about a year ago. But you can find all of her CHOW columns here:

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      1. re: DeborahL

        DeborahL, this is where having a " yellow star" to save a CHOW discussion within CHOW's pages would be very helpful. I had no idea that the Table Manners column was archived let alone archived by discussion type.

        Thanks for asking the question, BobB!