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Mar 12, 2013 10:40 AM

Indian groceries

I am looking for a store that carries a good selection of Indian groceries. I can't get to Street Road in Bensalem. The Northeast is too far to go by Septa. I am willing to take a bus, the El or subway. I will travel if I have to, but not as far as I mentioned.

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      1. re: Laura913

        What are you looking for? THe little groceries on 7th St around Snyder and Jackson have some Indian items -- but mostly Cambodian/SE Asian.

        The Indian grocers in West Philly are easy to get to by the el. Around 43rd & Chestnut I tihnk?

        1. re: barryg

          Yes, I'd recommend International Food and Spices on Walnut at 42nd. Good selection - and amazing samosas if you want a snack.

    1. I totally second Lowerrittenhouse's suggestion about International Food close to Penn. They have a GREAT supply of indian ingredients and a nice takeout selection of food, including samosas as well. Some fresh produce like curry leaves, galangal etc plus good selection of frozen foods.