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Mar 12, 2013 10:34 AM

Moving to Calgary

Any suggestions for local eats? I've been to Calgary before and tried Model Milk, Centini's, and Charcut, all of which I've enjoyed. However, I'm looking for more ethnic eats, hole in the walls, etc. - the places you can go to on a day to day basis. Being from Toronto, I'm spoiled with the quality ethnic food here from pretty much every corner of the world, so I'm hoping to find some good places in Calgary as well.


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  1. I really like Atlas (Persian cuisine) for kebabs

    Kam Han (in the SW, not the Ramsay location, which I have not been) for their hot & sour soup

    Fire Kirin (in Avenida) for Thai. Also Khao San Thai Kitchen on 17th Ave.

    I love Namskar for Indian.

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    1. re: cellophane_star

      Ohhhh I love Atlas too but even more their spinoff- Koob The Kabob Factory in Mission. It's AMAZING! These guys should franchise, it would be a gold mine.

      1. re: plateofshrimp

        Koob does sound amazing... Love their real food concept. Couldn't tell, though, from their website if you can eat in or if it's just takeout... Can you tell me?

        1. re: a_s_mackay

          Mostly take out but I think they have a small number of tables. I haven't been myself, just drive past there every day on the way to work!

          1. re: a_s_mackay

            There's one long table that can seat maybe 6 or 8 people. It's mainly take-out.

            I've tried the grilled lamb kebab, which is reasonably priced and pretty tasty I must say. They've got a ton of sauce and topping choices.

            The strange thing, however, is that the majority of their signature "home made toppings" aren't very middle eastern in nature (not that they have to be). Things like corn salsa and mexican style pickled onions. I think they're good in their own right but I find it a little strange to throw on a kebab. To each their own I suppose. Kudos to them for trying to bring something new and interesting to the table.

            I particularly liked the options of hummus, sumac onions and spicy pomegranate sauce. They also have house made aioli, sweet donair sauce, a yogurt/garlic/dill sauce, and their own super-hot sauce as well as Sirracha.

            They wrap these babies tight (so they don't fall apart and get sloppy), and they finish them in the hot panini press which I really like.

            For the OP, another great place for shawarmas and middle eastern fare is Taza Deli in Bridgeland. Arguably the best in town for shawarma platters and sandwiches.

            1. re: johnjohnson78

              OP if you're googling that it's "Tazza." Sorry.

      2. Firstly, don't be so lazy, read the board.

        Secondly, Song Huong, Noodle World, Olive Chicken, Shikiji, Rocky's Burger Bus (ethnic Calgary), Izumi Sushi (weekend special), Holy Smoke BBQ, Pfanntastic Pannenkoek Haus, Without Papers, etc.

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        1. re: Scary Bill

          My husband brought home sushi from Izumi Sushi a while ago. It's close to our house so he thought he'd try it out. One of the rolls had Kraft Singles on it, which I found very strange.

          1. re: cellophane_star

            Cello, almost lost my coffee (and my computer) on that comment.

            We have been going to Izumi for about 5-6 months, mostly getting the weekend ":Love Boat" special, about $34 for enough food to feed 2 VERY hungry people, or 3 - if you order another miso soup. In addition to miso, it includes rice (we get the spicy salmon hand cone), sushi (standard items) a couple of rolls, teriyaki, and tempura. It has always been great, fresh, and flavourful, never a disappointment.

            We have also noticed a pick-up in patronage over the same period. I am of the understanding that the restaurant changed hands shortly before we started going, initially as the result of a Groupon and Mrs. Scary's desire to fond good sushi in the neighbourhood.

            While I have never ordered the Kraft Singles Roll (ha-ha), I have noted that they have a cream cheese something or other, which is not to my taste in sushi, which is more traditional. If you haven't been in a while, perhaps you went under old ownership, and if so, I'd give them another try.

          2. re: Scary Bill

            Oh, and the Danish Club especially Saturdays, (aebleskiver)The Austrian Club (good schnitzel is hard to find here), Joycee's Caribbean, etc.

            1. re: Scary Bill

              Shhhh.... the Danish Club is a secret... :) I've been going there for years with my husband's (Danish) family and we love it. I ever bought an aebleskiver pan! I just don't want people to know about it because then we would have to wait in line just like at every other weekend brunch spot! We usually make reservations anyway.

              1. re: cellophane_star

                Did I write "Danish"? I mean't SPANISH, Spanish Club! I'm so bad at speeling.

                And who'd want to pay expensive private club prices for glorified Timbits made by smelly and dangerous Vikings anyway, eh? Not me, that's fer sure!!!

          3. Calgary has a different ethnic profile than Toronto has, as in mostly that there is very little Caribbean food here, but for Asian and Middle Eastern food it's as good as any city in country. The biggest ethnic choice here is definitely Vietnamese, in fact I read that Calgary has more Vietnamese places per capita than any city in North America. Urban Spoon lists over 200. And some are pretty good :-).

            We have bucket of Shwarma and Indian places too, I'm talking dozens and dozens.

            In my very humble opinion sushi in Calgary is better than Toronto or Montreal (lots better than Montreal actually) but not as good as Vancouver, which isn't a surprise I guess. I'm in love with Red Ember and Shigatsu these days.

            I have to say that one of my fave ethnic places is only open Thursday-Sunday and it's Kaffir Lime at Kingsland Farmers Market. Indonesian. I dream about their gado gado :-)

            My fave Chinese places are Delicious Country, Calgary Court and Han's. There's lots of Hong Kong café style Chinese places and not just in Chinatown and more like DC and Hans that serve more Sechuan and Taiwanese style dishes.

            So you won't find a ton of jerk or roti but you'll find a lot of other options here- welcome to Calgary, I moved here 14 years ago from Toronto and have found my foodie places with a little exploring!

            1. White Elephant for Thai, it's definitely a hole in the wall in a slightly dodgy hotel but by far the best Thai in the city.

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              1. re: slingshotz

                Khao San Thai on 17th is our favourite for Thai food. Will have to try White Elephant next time.

                Is ThiThi still around, that was always a fav for their Vietnamese Subs? The one down on the edge of Chinatown that is. I know some knock offs came around.

                1. re: cleopatra999

                  Thi Thi is absolutely still around. Calgary has scores of Vietnamese sub places but Thi Thi- the original across from Harry Hays I mean- is the best.

                  There's a second Thi Thi that I think was their attempt at franchising on 8th Ave by the (late) Uptown Theatre but IMO it's not as good.

                  If you mean Thai Tai as a knockoff- it's not bad at all. I live near the one by Morgan's Pub on 17th and it's not bad value and their bubble tea is fantastic. Their noodle bowls and such are pretty bad though. Subs are big and drippy and like I say pretty good, but on 17th the best Viet subs are at Kim Anh across from Western High.

                  1. re: plateofshrimp

                    definitely meant Thi Thi, I loved eating there! The chicken sate sub, sooo good, cheap, large and spicy! Might have to hit that up next time I am in town.

                  2. re: cleopatra999

                    For great takeout Thai, Jackie's Thai in Eau Claire is also excellent. Well priced and delicious.

                2. The original comment has been removed