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Mar 12, 2013 09:46 AM

BIG Birthday Adventure for Coolest Chic EVER. - Please Help!

I'm coming up short on this one ya'll. The most amazing true renaissance woman's Birthday deserves some sultry, 'underground', exciting deliciousness. She's not into excess, nor are we after an 'eyeball' eating adventure. I need something fun, interesting, maybe 'old new york vibe', maybe new but not trendoid......Please HELP!

Places we like(d): Vinegar Hill House; Calyer; Zenkichi; Sushi Yasuda; I Coppi; Marlow and Sons (probably most of all and on the regular); Traif (for novelty); Northern Spy...and to show our collective aging: Ninth St. Market (brunch in the winter); Old Devil Moon (brunch after drinking); Luger (when money didn't mean anything).

I'm posting on Outer Boroughs too, of course. I appreciate any/all ideas; I need something wonderful/hidden/re-discovered....Wouldn't mind any special watering-hole recs too.

Thanks in Advance!

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  1. Even though it's a bit difficult to reconcile words like "sultry," "cool" and "adventure" with places like Luger and Yasuda, if you're looking for something new and chow-worthy you could look into Eater's Manhattan Heat Map:

    My picks on that list: The Marrow, Le Philosophe. You might also consider Louro which has a huge fan base on Chowhound. Perla, Acme, Tertulia and Il Buco A&V have been open for a while but are still going strong. The folks behind Torrisi just opened Carbone but I haven't been there yet.

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    1. re: Tommy D.

      Hi Tommy,

      Actually, it's hard to reconcile Luger and Yasuda. Period :) ...was giving some frame of reference, but not applying the adjectives in any's the vibe that I'm after for this 'event'.....

      I really appreciate your thoughtful reply....totally added to my ongoing (not so) short list. Thank you.

    2. have you considered beauty and essex? may be up your alley.

      1. Is this for a group?

        Based on your list above, I would consider Strip House for special occasions if you want to go a little swanky.

        Most of your list are kind of homey, local ingredient driven rustic places, with good lighting and smaller rooms that are charming that makes me think of Fat Radish, Buvette, Il Buco or their sister restaurant Il Buco Alimentari, Goat Town, Market Table, and places like that.

        Feast also looks interesting.

        For a more spirited atmosphere, Fonda Nolita, maybe....but it's tacos and fancied up folding chairs. ABC Kitchen would lend itself to your cause, but I think the food/service is terrible, and the place can feel loud and punishing.

        In Brooklyn, Buttermilk Channel seems like an obvious idea, and Henry Public comes to mind as somewhere you would like, providing it wasn't already a routine haunt, and you were okay with something casual where people are prone to group nights out with friends rather than special occasion nights.

        1. Thanks all! Both Manhattan & Brooklyn folks were generous with the suggestions. Much appreciated.

          Went to Sakagura, and it was perfect. The bonus is I now have a great list of new places and a reminder of some I've neglected. Thanks again.