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Mar 12, 2013 09:41 AM

Best Bread Pudding?

Looking for traditional bread pudding, no chocolate/white chocolate/fruity/pumpkin etc. variations.
Is Boat Street Cafe's still the reigning favorite?

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  1. Welcome to my personal life mission: Ranking bread puddings. They fall in to three tiers, plus unranked. If it's in a tier, it's worthwhile. There are no tier ones in Seattle (three in NOLA, one in Mobile, AL). The one from Jemil's big easy is a tier two. The RAM, incredibly enough, is also tier two. Where ya at Matt and Boat Street are tier three. I fault boat street for being too consistent in texture, especially since that texture is extremely soft to start with. If they could get a better crisp or chew in it, even just on the surface they'd move up to at least tier 2.

    I look forward to seeing other people's thoughts here, and I will reiterate what you say, terra, about NO "foreign objects" in my bread pudding.

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      dagoose, I know it is a slight tangent, but I would love to hear which New Orleans restaurants (in addition to Parkway) made your top tier for bread pudding.

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        Happy to oblige! So I adore Parkway, for their fabulous deck and divey-barness and excellent po-boys, but they also make a lovely bread pudding.

        Bon Ton Cafe, on the other hand, I cannot recommend for any meal other than bread pudding. It is a tourist-serving machine with all the eye-catchers on the menu, but save your pretty pennies, get lunch elsewhere, and then stop by for some of the best bread pudding in town.

        Mr B's bistro--I'm pretty sure the BBQ shrimp and their shrimp and grits AND their bread pudding will be on my death row meal menu...

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          Thank you! I completely agree about Parkway. That has been my "go to" destination or po boys, but next time out I will be sure to save some room for dessert.

          Love Mr. B's for the BBQ shrimp, and the Gumbo Ya-Ya, and will now make a note about their bread pudding.

          I still have not set foot in Bon Ton Cafe, and I appreciate your insight into what their redeeming menu item is.

          Thank you for the tips. My wife and I are toying with the idea of renting a place in NOLA for a full month this year or next, in order to do the city (and its spectacular food) justice.

          1. re: Gizmo56

            Oh how cool! We go most years around late Feb/early March, when the gray becomes nearly unbearable here, and the warmth and Magnolias have already sprung up there. Sad to miss out this year, but always happy to give great eating advice about one of my favorite places.

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              Yes, that period between Mardi Gras and Jazz Fest is a wonderful time to visit. I also love being there between Christmas and New Year's.

              If we make the grand month-long stand, it will have to be in Summer, because my wife teaches school. The weather is of course less than optimal then, but there are many bargains in hotels and restaurants as a result.

              Thanks again for the bread pudding tips, I'd now love to hit all three in quick succession, to experience the best around.

    2. Cannot say that I know a ton about bread pudding (I'm not a huge dessert person), but I like Take 5 Urban Market's (Ballard) version the few times I've tried it. The rub there is that they cook it ahead of time and it is stored in a refrigerated case until you order it. They will then warm it up for you. It comes with a caramel sauce. Pretty tasty.

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        Nothing wrong with a refrigerated bread pudding that's reheated, as long as it's a good bread pudding. One of my Tier 1 places (Parkway Tavern, New Orleans) definitely does that. I believe Jemil's does too.

      2. The answer (the correct answer, anyhow) is Boat Street Cafe. I'm not a real big fan of most of what they have there, but their bread pudding is something that would become a local icon in most major cities.