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Mar 12, 2013 09:09 AM

Quick Dinner Near the 'Dise?

The mister and I are going to see Kate Nash at the Paradise tonight and need to grab a quick dinner before the show. It's been a few years since I lived on the green line and I'm not sure what's good over there now. I found a few threads from 2-3 years ago touting some spots but was hoping for an update. We're not picky about what kind of food it is as long as it's close (5-10 minutes walk) to Packard's Corner, we can get in and eat in 45 minutes or less, and pay in the range of $30-$50 for two of us. Specific dish recommendations welcome, too.

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  1. Brown Sugar Cafe (westbound on Comm Ave) has good Thai. It fits your price range, too.

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      I agree. I'd add that there are many very good options at the Super 88 food court, look for one of MC Slim JB's posts listing the places. I usually hit the Vietnamese place for pho and bon me. Bon Chon in Allston is good, a little nicer, but more of a walk. Maybe save the roast beef of chicken finger places for post-show.

      My question is what is the best bar near there? Love the original Sunset but less so the Cantina, and not sure where you'd go to get a cocktail.

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        Allston is not exactly a "cocktail" neighborhood, with the exception of Deep Ellum up in Union Square.

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          Yeah. I suppose Eastern Standard would be another option if you are coming from downtown or Regal Beagle in Coolidge Corner. Haven't tried Hops N Scotch over there yet.

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          Very true. There isn't a "best bar" least not within an easy walk. I usually get a Singha with the meal and a Thai Iced Coffee after.

      2. Victoria's Seafood Chinese restaurant is 5-10 minutes walk away. Since it's a weeknight, 45 min should be doable. They have a variety of rice plates that should come out quickly. I also like the congee there - the one with fish - good for a cold night. I usually go for the dry-fried squid and the peapod stems, but it might take slightly longer.

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          Victoria Seafood is actually only a block and a half away - might be all of 5 minutes if you are somewhat mobility impaired. On the other hand, I stopped going there quite some time ago, because I've never had a pleasant meal there - food is adequate, but there is MUCH better Chinese food to be had in the neighborhood, and the service/general atmosphere of the place has varied from indifferent to outright unpleasant.

          Brown Sugar is decent Thai (again, there is MUCH better Thai to be had not far off, but it's a pretty room and it's perfectly fine.) You should be able to get in and out within 45 minutes.

          Bon Chon is great, but it's a good half-mile walk away and it would be very hard to get in and out within your time window.

          It's not fancy, but the Super 88 Food Court probably is your best bet for a combination of tasty food and super-quick turnaround.

        2. We will be coming from downtown (I work in Cambridge, he works in Southie) - my sister recommended Nud Pob or Otto (the new one that just opened up on BU campus). The walks are longer, but unless it's pouring I'd walk 15 minutes vs 10 for better food. Thoughts? I'd like to avoid Brown Sugar, as it was the site of several mediocre dates when I lived in Allston and I remember it being just ok.

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          1. re: hungrybruno

            I haven't tried that particular Otto yet, but liked the one in Coolidge Corner quite a lot. That's probably a good bet, and not a long walk at all - only a couple of blocks, although it is on the eastbound side of Commonwealth.

            1. re: Allstonian

              Another Otto fan here: terrific pizza. Like the Coolidge Corner one, the BU location has beer and wine.


              1. re: MC Slim JB

                Third. And I think they've downgraded the mildly apocalyptic rain forecast for tonight, so you're probably fine for walking from Otto. And Kate's new album is terrific (a bit less cutesy than she's sometimes been in the past), so it's probably going to be a fun show.

                1. re: Jenny Ondioline

                  Otto it is! Thanks, hounds. I'm looking forward to the show - the new album is great, isn't it? I particularly like "Death Proof" - and then I heard her on the radio (that Canadian show Q, I think?) last night and apparently it's about surviving heart surgery when she was a teenager. Anyway, delicious pizza and excellent music - should be a great night!

          2. Cognac Bistro is pretty close by (15 minute walk), does classic French bistro fare and local seafood, and has respectable cocktails. Pushes your price point a bit. (That should be a fun show. Suggested request: "Sing in your real accent!")