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Mar 12, 2013 08:48 AM

ANOTHER best steak in NYC question

I've read the other threads, I know I have to be specific because opinions vary as well as the type of experience I'm looking for matters.
I've tried PL, I was more impressed by the bacon than the steak. I guess I'm just not a porterhouse kind of guy but I wanted to see what the hype was about. I wasn't too happy about being surrounded by tourists and patrons wearing shorts and flip flops, and camera flash going off every few minutes either.
Last place I visited was Old Homestead and it was easily the best steak I've ever had.I am looking to see if anything can top it without having to don a suit and tie so it seems like Del Frisco's is out which was on the top of my list of places to try next. So any place that I can go comfortably in my business/casual, smart/casual type of dress and get an amazing rib eye. Thanks!

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  1. You can get amazing bits from all over the cow at Takashi. Not a steakhouse per se, it's a Japanese/Korean table grill type of place specializing in beef.

    1. You may want to go to Luger's at lunch for their rib steak. One of the best I've ever had. I only had it once, a year ago. I think it blows away the porterhouse which I've had a half dozen times and was less impressed each time. The lunch crowd tends to be mostly local and Manhattan business folk. I have never seen tourists there at lunch, no cameras, much quieter than dinner.

      (The best rib steaks I ever had was in the Texas Hill Country at a catered event for a Philip Morris company retreat I consulted to 15 years ago.)

      1. As many have mentioned before, a lot depends on cut of steak, etc. As for Del Frisco's, I have found it to be very inconsistent and over priced for what it is. Also, I do not know of any steakhouse that you need to be in a suit and tie. In fact, with the exception of Per Se and a few other restaurants, I would never feel out of place in a pair of nice jeans and a dress shirt. Below is one previous thread on the topic. While not a traditional steakhouse, Minetta still remains my watermark for best steak in Manhattan, although not for a rib eye. That's not to say it cannot be beat, as there are still places fellow Chowhounders have recommended I have yet to get to...anyway, for a rib eye, my preference is for the cajun rib eye at S&W, but I prefer to dine at the Grill and just order off the S&W menu.

        1. The côte de bœuf at Minetta Tavern.

          I've also had a great rib eye recently at Momofuku Ssam.

          See also:

          1. Keen's.

            As for great steaks in non-steakhouses - where you'll have much better options for apps & side dishes:

            Minetta Tavern
            Marc Forgione
            Momofuku Ssam

            Also: I can't think of a single steakhouse in NYC with a jacket requirement.