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Mar 12, 2013 07:24 AM

Tagine Anyone else gone? [Croton on Hudson]

Tagine is a new Morrocan/French restaurant in Croton on Hudson. The owners Jonathan Pratt and Craig Purdy are the owners of Peter Pratt's Inn and Umami Cafe. I have never been to either. But when I found out about this place I was excited.

I love food with taste, spices, and smells really good when you walk into a place. This did not dissapoint at all. They do not take reservations so our party of 4 got there early on a Sunday night at 6:30ish.

There is a nice looking horseshoe style bar when you walk in and it's also a Wine Bar.The resto was a little busy but not all the tables were taken so we got lucky and was seated right away. There are banquets along the wall and the place is small and narrow... so you are close to thy neighbor at the next table. Graig the owner was there going from table to table talking to everyone making sure all was going well. Very nice touch, I have been to places were if they dont know you they ignore you.

We had a french waitress Laeila who obviously knows her menu. She is also Morrocan so that helps! lol. z The other waiters/staff were also just as nice and accomadating.
I also found out they have a French chef from the Loire Valley.

The food was really good and brought me back to Paris.There is so much to choose from on the menu from meat to seafood and everything in between.Some dishes are more French bistro style and then the real Morrocan dishes.

We shared some appetizers to start with, Lentil soup, Pissaladeiere with real merguez sausage (my fav) and a pate special. Made on premises and it tasted just like it should. Cornishons and all.

Entrees, I tried their version of a Cassoulet a tad bit small BUT full of flavor, my husband and friend both had Lamb Tagine ( I am going back for that alone) sides ( way to small but good flavors again) cous-cous salad and shredded carrot sald. Cold sides to cool down the heat from the dish. Our other friend orderd a Mushroom Rissotto special. Nice for vegeterians.

Dessert was 1 to share. A Creme Brule. Which I love to eat but it was served cold. I think it tastes better when it's warm.

I hope this place will stay the same and consistent for a long time! So many places come and go. And I hope they take reservations in the future. If you like food that's a little different not bland and has actual taste I would tell you to try this place. I will return to this wonderful restaurant and wish them the best of luck.

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  1. There's another active thread on this place. Ill post the link later. I like it too but it's too bad they don't take reservations.

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      I tried to find a link to write my experience....I must have missed it since I was looking for The reservation thing is not a good idea. Alot of people will be turned off and not go at all. Most people, in many cases restaurants or not, do not like to wait.

      1. Here's the other thread.

        I guess the no reservations thing has worked for the owners at Umami. They probably turn more tables that way.

        My thing is, if there is a comfortable place to wait for a reasonable amount of time, and I feel like having a drink before dinner, then that's fine. However, and my visit there is dated now so this may have changed, when we left Tagine after our early dinner there was literally just a mob of people waiting for tables in the bar area. Very little seating, loud, and uncomfortable.

        My husband and I usually go out to eat on Fridays or Saturdays, which I'm sure is the busiest night. So unless I'm in the mood for a super early dinner, I can't see becoming a regular here.

        That said, I thought the food was very good!

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          :-) Thanks IEOLOFIC!! Although you crack me up since you go everywhere!! And I mean that in a nice way! lol

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            They're doing HVRW this year. And their FB page says that they'll be taking reservations (and having valet parking Thursday-Saturday). I've never been there, but I think I will check them out.

          2. It's probably the same Creme Brulee as they serve at Pratt's and Umami. I don't think it should be served warm. More like room temperature. Of course the top layer of sugar should be freshly melted.

            1. We had dinner there in late January with another couple, and enjoyed it a great deal... been away so don't remember the details. We did, however, go right after they opened for dinner on a Saturday night, and were the 2nd customers. By the time we were leaving around 7pm or so, it was super crowded and kind of noisy (which we don't like when eating/visiting with fellow eaters). I'm hoping those little tables outside on the side of the building help ease things up in the summer.