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Mar 12, 2013 07:18 AM

Pet-friendly Key West?

I am going to Key West in early April and bringing my puppy. I'd like to find take-out so I can sit with her on a bench somewhere and watch the world go by. Any suggestions? Are there dog-friendly outdoor patios? My dog is well behaved.

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  1. We made a brief visit a couple of years ago with two very large dogs. Generally Key West is pretty easygoing when it comes to dogs; many places have outdoor seating and they are generally OK for dogs. You will not likely have any trouble finding places. The congested downtown area may be less so, however. There is also a large and pretty good dog park if memory serves.

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    1. Key West is super dog friendly. You can likely find somewhere at every meal to take your dog

      1. There are plenty of places for lunch spots.

        I know Sarabeth's has a dog friendly patio

        Garbo's Grill is an outside food vender with amazing fish and shrimp tacos.

        If you have some ideas of what places you'd like to eat at, you can call ahead of time and ask.

        but you shouldn't have a problem finding good places were you can take your dog. Key West is a very dog friendly town.

        1. Yes keys very dog friendly. We stay in the upper keys was there in jan. If you are driving we love the Hungery Tarpin under the bridge just past MM78 everything is good the lobster creps are killer.


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            Am flying in from Toronto, but thanks for writing!