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Mar 12, 2013 07:09 AM

Best boiled Crawfish please!?

Will be in NO this Thursday for 3 nights and my fondest memory of my last trip (12 years ago) was siting at the ACME Oyster bar slurping down oysters and eating the crawfish. If memory serves me correctly, I believe that they had the crawfish delivered so they didn't always have them. And to be fair, I am not the best judge as I am from CT but holy cow they were good. But I do love a good crawfish boil so any help finding these little pieces of delight would surely appreciated. We will be staying in the Quarter and have a car if we need to travel. Thanks in advance for your help!

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  1. First off, do not eat boiled crawfish in the Quarter, for unless someone knows of a place otherwise, I haven't seen or heard of anyone there with crawfish less than at least 2X what you'll pay outside of the Quarter. The closest place might be Cajun Seafood right where Rampart turns into St. Claude. Otherwise, downriver, you could hit Captain Sal's on St. Claude or upriver, you could try Fisherman's Cove.

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      Hi nolala! I did a search for "Cajun Seafood" (!) and got many, many locations but none anywhere near Rampart/St Claude. You wouldn't happen to have the actual address so I can find it, would you? Thanks!

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        Here's a nice article about Cajun Seafood & the story of its Vietnamese-American proprietors:

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          Hi Hungry Celeste. Thank you for that! Great reading. Cannot wait to come to your fair city in May! ;-)

    2. Get out of the FQ fo' sure. Zimmer's Seafood, 4915 St. Anthony St in Gentilly. Or Seither's Seafood, 279 Hickory in Harahan. Or cross the river and hit up Sal's Seafood, 1521 Barataria in Marrero.

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        Seconding Seither's. I've always had good luck there for fresh, hot crawfish and I like their spice level. Only downside is they got rid of the draft beer. I also like Sal's. If you don't want to go as far, Big Fisherman on Magazine has consistently good product, but it generally costs twice as much as anywhere else.

      2. Agree FQ crawfish tend to be way overpriced. If you really require the convenience, you might want to try the stalls in the French Market.

        Agree on Big Fisherman and Zimmer's. Haven't yet tried Sal's or Seither's, but I will get to them.

        Easy to get to from the Quarter on the Canal streetcar is K-Jean on Carrollton and Bienville. They do an excellent boil.

        The reason I will not go to Cajun, although it's blocks from where I live is that when they first opened, they were selling boiled crawfish -- OUT OF SEASON!!!! A mortal sin.

        1. Hi LVI - I am from CT too (Manchester). If you HAVE to stay in the quarter..The French Market Restaurant (Decatur) is the best and reasonable for crawfish. Their fried shrimp is the best - substitute the creole potatoes for fries - yummy. I lived around the corner from there and ate there a lot.

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            Again, boiled crawfish in the Quarter is 2 to 3 times as expensive as it ought to be. It's as if they charged $20 for a bowl of gumbo.

          2. Dine in: the Galley on Metairie Road.
            Take out: Big Fisherman
            3301 Magazine St New Orleans, LA 70115
            (504) 897-9907

            Schaeffer and Rusich
            1726 Lake Ave
            Metairie, LA 70005

            (504) 833-3973