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Mar 12, 2013 06:25 AM

Favorite Chili Recipes

It can be mild or hot doesn't matter.

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  1. That's a difficult one to answer, but definitely incendiary. I'm always experimenting with different meat, and kinds of chiles. Currently I'm using either pork loin or boneless country ribs because they are less expensive than beef. East Texas has a history of pork production.

    In the past I would cube the meat, not use ground meat. Recently my eldest grandson made chili with shredded beef that was great. I am now doing the same.

    I grow incendiary chiles like the bhut jolokia (ghost pepper) and have seeds for the new hottest chile, the Trinidad Moruga Scorpion, that will be planted this coming spring.

    My wife is not happy that I have enough chile powder (not to be confused with chili powder), dried chiles, hot sauces and frozen home grown chiles to last 3 life times.

    I apologize for not including a detailed recipe. Mine changes constantly, but always is made with meat and some forms of chiles. Never are beans or any other unusual vegetables included in my concoctions. Beer is the liquid of choice.

    Good luck in your quest. If you don't already have chili recipe books in your possession, you may wish to borrow some from your local library or buy at least one.

    1. No recipe either - For beef chili (no hamburger) .. Pure ground Ancho powder and pure ground New Mexico Red. Adding sliced fresh Poblanos and other (hotter) peppers along with roughly chopped onions/garlic and fresh tomatoes. No beans. Beer and water for liquid. It's really all about the peppers...

      Chicken chili verde - tomatillos - onion - jalapenos - poblanos - chicken stock- smashed garlic - cilantro - shredded chicken. It's all about keeping it green so use green jalapenos and poblanos ....

          1. I've got one I've been making for many years. Everyone loves it. Not spicy although easy to make it that way by changing out the chili powder and adding jalepenos or other spicy pepper. I have not added this to my blog yet but will soon. Check it out:

            5T Olive Oil
            2lbs lean ground beef
            8 garlic cloves
            3 cups chopped onions
            3 - 7oz cans diced mild green chilies
            1 1/2 cups red bell peppers
            3/4 cup chili powder
            3T unsweetened cocoa powder (the secret ingredient
            )2 1/2 T cumin
            2T dried oregano
            2t allspice
            4 - 15 oz cans pinto beans rinsed and drained
            3 - 28oz cans crushed tomatoes with puree
            15oz beef broth

            Toppings of your choice, I use sharp cheddar (cabot 3yr old), scallions, Fage 0% greek yogurt and tabasco.

            Heat oil over medium-high. Add beef, garlic until meat is brown. Add onions, chilies, peppers and spices and saute until veggies are soft. Add beans, tomatoes and broth. Cover and simmer at least 30 minutes.


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              Thank you everyone! I appreciate the suggestions and will use them or at least parts of them.

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                Just in case you are looking for a non traditional chili, I just made chicken chili with farro the other day. I used left over rotisserie chicken, cooked farro, whole canned tomatoes, chicken stock, green peppers and yellow, onions, garlic, chili powder. I added corn kernels and zucchini towards the end. I meant to add black beans but forgot to buy them.

                My other favourite chili is a Texas style chili without beans, since DH doesn't like beans. such as this one:
                I serve with tortilla chips, and various deli bean and rice salads on the side to mix in if desired, as well as cheese, sour cream and cilantro.