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Mar 12, 2013 06:01 AM

Chowhound policy on reporters

Hello Chowhound - Do you have an official policy concerning reporters trolling the forums, openly asking contributors for information? Openly asking Chowhound to share personal information regarding their contributors? Can anyone just declare, "hey, I'm writing a story...." and start threads and solicit contributors? Are press credentials required? How much personal information has Chowhound been sharing or selling to "journalists?"

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  1. Our policy on journalists is outlined in our Etiquette for Bloggers and Other Journalists ( ) Journalists are as welcome as anyone else to start a discussion provided it is on-topic for the site and the board they're asking on.

    If they want to contact users offline to get real names to quote in stories, we ask them to send us a short list of users they'd like to reach out to along with the reporter's contact details and a brief introduction of the story they're working on. We then send that info to the users and let them know they can contact the reporter, or not, as they prefer. We never provide users' email addresses directly to reporters.

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      "We never provide users' email addresses directly to reporters."

      Thank you.