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Mar 12, 2013 05:41 AM

Favorite Food Podcast?

I really enjoy podcasts in general - but for the most part haven't really found any true food podcasts that I love.

I do enjoy "Dining with Doug and Karen" - but that's more a comedy podcast centered around them eating. I've listened to the first two episodes of Slate's Farm to Table podcast, and it's just not fun enough for me. I do like NPR's the Splendid Table - but I see that a little differently than the more casual style of podcasts.

So - are there food podcasts out there that people recommend?

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  1. These are some that I like...

    Cooking Issues - tends to be technical, focuses on modernist cooking.

    America's Test Kitchen Radio - If you like their TV show you'll probably like the podcast.

    Food Programme - Podcast of a BBC Radio 4 show.

    1. The only one I subscribe to is the BBC radio 4 Food Programme.
      It is excellent and informative and though normally dealing with the UK does address food outside the UK.

      1. While not a traditional podcast, Harvard's Cooking Series is my favorite with some of the world's most prominent chefs discussing their inspiration and techniques and the science behind it (in video and audio format):

        1. I like each of these for different reasons -

          The Sporkful
          America's Test Kitchen
          U Look Hungry
          Go Fork Yourself
          The Restaurant Guys (mostly industry talk)

          1. I find the hosts of Spilled Milk to be infectiously upbeat and a pleasure to listen to. They have a very engaging conversational style and more often than not, I find myself laughing right along with them. NPR Food is also more lighthearted (at least compared to typical straight news coverage) and oftentimes informative. If you have any interest in Korean cookery, Maangchi's podcast is not to be missed.

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              Thank you for all of the suggestions - I think I'm going to start with the Sporkful and Spilled Milk. Podcast-wise, I think I do veer more towards the more light hearted ones versus what I also enjoy on NPR. But I'm happy to have a great list to start from.