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Mar 12, 2013 05:20 AM

Boca Raton Town Center Food Court - Coming Soon...

South Palm Beach County foodies / shoppers could soon be in for a treat.


EDIT: I see BurgerBeast had this news almost a year ago... but it looks like there have been near endless delays. Sounds like it could finally be happening soon.

Looks like the folks from 8 Oz Burger Bar are behind this...

Although I am now confused... I thought someone else was involved... hmmm....

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  1. Butcher and the Burger, and Dandelion, both opening today, according to reports...

    "Both innovative dining concepts have been conceived by Chef Allen Sternweiler, who has spent the past several decades in Chicago earning a reputation as a chef with an exceptional talent for cooking game meats, in addition to a well-rounded repertoire of market-driven American cuisine with European influences."

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    1. re: CFByrne

      Well I went by this afternoon... and Clean Plate Charlie must be confused.
      This is most definitely NOT open (photo 4/11/ 2013 6PM).
      Ahhh wait - I see they have updated their story:

      "The new Butcher & the Burger -- and sister concept Dandelion -- set to open at the shops of the Town Center of Boca Raton next week. (UPDATE: In the original version of this story, we wrote that the restaurant would be opening April 10. After it was published, we learned the opening had been pushed back a week and made the correction. Sorry for any confusion.)"

    2. Well this time Butcher and the Burger are indeed truly open... as noted on their own FB page.

      Burger Beast has some early thoughts...

      " I hope the folks of Boca Raton embrace having such a high quality Burger joint in their mall..."