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Mar 12, 2013 01:44 AM

Restaurant suggestions near the Majestic Theater in San Antonio

We're going to an 8 pm show there on a Thursday night in April.. are there any suggestions for a VERY near-by restaurant? (My husband can only walk a block or two, so either we have to drive/cab to two locations or find something very close.) We would want something where we can be in and out in 60-90 minutes (not a multi-course chef's tasting menu) and maybe something local, like Tex-Mex or chicken-fried steak. Thoughts?

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  1. Luke is .1 miles away. One of John Besh's restaurants (New Orleans chef). One of the better restaurants in that area.
    Bohanan's is even closer (<100 feet), but very expensive and may take too long, unless you eat at the bar.
    We're going to a show there tonight, will keep my eyes open for other suggestions.

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      Thanks! Luke sounds good, but I'd appreciate anything else you spy.

    2. Houston Street Bistro is underrated and I think very good and is probably the closest, you don't have to cross the street! Make a reservation as it gets very busy on show nights.

      1. Nothing else that caught my eye. Houston Street Bistro would be a good option for someone who can't walk far, Luke is a few blocks away. Bohanan's better food, but big bucks.

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          Thanks, Saeyedoc! I think I'm going with Bohanan's, as it was on my short list anyway, and they'll have Jim Cullum's Jazz Band that night, so I get a three-for-one! Now I just have to make sure we don't eat so much we go into a food coma during the play afterwards!

        2. I know many have mixed feeling about Acenar but I love their duck tinga chalupas.