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Mar 11, 2013 10:49 PM

Obana :: Will I Have Enough Time? Wild Caught Unagi???

We are scheduled to depart Tokyo at 15:50 on Thursday, April 11th. My hope is to visit Obana that day. As the restaurant opens at 11:30, I would venture a guess that if i'm there early enough, making our 15:50 flight should not be a problem. Does that sound doable? And if so, how early should i plan on getting there to make sure i'm seated at 11:30?

Also, I have read many conflicting reports about the availability of wild caught Unagi at Obana. Should we have our hotel's concierge call ahead and ask the restaurant to reserve some for us? Or is it not available at all?

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  1. First, are you flying out from Narita?

    Unagi at Obana is prepared from live eels and takes a long time to make. In my experience about thirty minutes from the time you order. They may have wild eel, but you should definitely call ahead if you are choosing the restaurant based on availability of wild eel because it's far from certain. They may plan a day or two ahead to order it for you. Also, Obana is not in the most convenient location, and if you are carrying bags from the train station allow a little extra time.

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      Yes, we are flying out from Narita.

      I am aware of the wait after ordering, so i figured if i'm there at 11:30 (so maybe show up at 11?), get my food at 12 and am done eating by 12:45 that we are okay for a 3:50 flight. Another option is to go on the 10th as our reservation at Ryugin isn't until 21:30. So I could go to early dinner at Obana and then dinner two at Ryugin.

      After I arrive, I will ask our concierge to contact Obana for us and see about wild eel.