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Mar 11, 2013 10:47 PM

North Fort Worth area Favorite Eats?

I can't be the only person here that eats a lot in the North Fort Worth and surrounding area's often. I know the food scene in that area isn't as great as Dallas by all means, but there has to be some good eats around the area.

What are some of your favorite eats in North Fort Worth and surrounding area's? (N FTW, NRH, Keller, Watauga, White Settlement, Lake Worth, Haltom City, even Hurst area!)

Please help me!

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  1. Chef Point Cafe in Watauga! Fabulous!

    And, the original Babes Chicken House in Roanoke.

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      These places are nothing fancy but are definitely good eats.

      -Boopa's Bagels/Deli- Delicious house made bagels, Lots of choices to choose from, make great sandwiches for breakfast and lunch, lots of different gourmet spreads.
      -Lone star BBQ- Great smoked ribs, brisket, chicken, beans, potato salad, coleslaw, and banana pudding, rolls, and great tasting sauce (if thats your thing). They have a lot of other stuff too. HUGE baked potatoes (texas style), and their frito chili pie is goooood! They keep it simple and do it the right way.
      -Lee's Grilled Cheese- They use to be a food truck but now they have a small establishment in N FTW. They do some great tasting gooey grilled cheese combos. They have one I want to try called the "Back Breaker" with house made bbq pulled pork, house made mac n' cheese, and cheddar. They have Chipotle Gouda cheese broccoli soup that is wonderful, or creamy tomato. They even sell shots of the soup in case you just want to dip your sandwich in it. Genius!
      -Kincaids- Need I say more? Yes they have one in N FW now!
      -Mama's Pizza- Yes, they built one in N FW also. :)
      -Los Molcajetes Mexican food- Just very good tex-mex done the right way, trust me on this. Fajita enchiladas are very good. I can't leave without ordering their sopaipillas also.
      -San Luis Taqueria (28th St. location)- One of the best Al Pastor Tacos I've had. Cooked the right way on a adobo oven (vertical broiler) with a big chunk of pineapple on top. They slice the pork to order. Very good borracho beans, salsa verde, and homemade horchata to cool the mouth from the salsa.
      -Granny's Taco's- Walk up in a small building with no seating and order Homemade tacos. Not your normal "mexican street tacos", but don't get me wrong, the're homemade mexican style ones you'd get if you went to your friend's mom's house. Big delicious handmade flour tortillas and you get two choices roasted pork or chicharrones. You can add potatoes, beans, and cheese. The salsa verde is very good and spicy here. One taco is all you need, even if you are starving!! I usually buy a extra tortilla and make two tacos since she stuffs them generously!
      -My Lan Vietnamese- Very good Pho, grilled pork vermicelli bowls, chicken chow fun/mien. Closed on Tuesday's. (and yes just like chick-fil-a, you will always want it when the're closed!
      -Cuco's sandwich shop- A little Cuban joint that makes a great cuban sandwich, and very very good sweet fried plantains. They really do make sure they are very sweet before they fry them up, and they have nice crispy edges.
      Roasted pork meal on the weekend's.
      -Duffey's Kolache Bakery- Delicious house made kolaches and cinnamon rolls made every morning. Family owned and a nice selection of flavors. They make special ordered cakes also. Haven't tried one yet though.

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        I have yet to try Chef's Point Cafe! (I know, I know!) I've only drove by it like a million times also! Is the chicken really better than sex? I'm a bread pudding fanatic, does that live up to the hype? (if you had any of these items).

          1. re: foiegras

            I agree with you foiegras. I went to Chef's Point 2 weeks ago and had the "better than sex" fried chicken and it was terribly disappointing. Our whole experience pretty much sucked. We went to dinner with another couple (so 4 of us total) and nary a green vegetable on any of our plates. We ordered the mushroom caps and fried green tomatoes to start, and then each of us got a different entree. Everything was heavy, overly creamy, salty and flavorless. I won't be back :(

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              I was just talking about that fried chicken today! I hate deboned or mostly deboned fried chicken ... which is no longer fried chicken as far as I'm concerned.

              Looking forward to trying it at Stampede 66.

      2. Yes I know the food scene over in these are's are depressing... :(

        1. oh, i posted before about a place called julie's that is in haltom city. it's home cooking. there's also a first chinese bbq.