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Mar 11, 2013 09:45 PM

Visiting The Bay Area For a Few Days - Any Recommendations?

Hi! I'll be making my first ever trip to the Bay Area this week to interview with a company based out there. I was hoping for some general recommendations, I've heard wonderful things about the Bay Area's dining scene and look forward to indulging (I'm from DC). Price isn't really an object but I won't have a car and I'll be staying at the Grand Hotel in Sunnyvale.

Let me know if you need any additional information.


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  1. If price is no object and you are staying in Sunnyvale, Manresa. It's a little bit of a drive (if you don't have a car, you can probably use Uber, but it will cost you), but it would really highlight the obsession with ingredients that is a major part of the local dining scene. And it's a very good restaurant.

    1. No car in Sunnyvale? If you take the job, you might want to check back in. The best places are in SF, Oakland/Berkeley, and north to Napa/Sonoma. These are not accessible without a car.

      For your upcoming visit, you might want to concentrate on the interesting small Asian restaurants that have accumulated in Silicon Valley. Fun and quite different from DC. Explore the greater Bay Area on a future trip.

      Good luck with the interview!

      1. There's some bus service along El Camino Real, which looks to be near your hotel. In the Sunnyvale area, look for Indian restaurants - there are some chaat places on El Camino near the Santa Clara line. There's a huge Korean grocery on El Camino near Lawrence, with an all-you-can-eat Korean BBQ next door.

        ETA: if you can get to the Sunnyvale Caltrain station, there are frequent trains to San Francisco. It looks like a long haul from your hotel, but if you want a night out a taxi to the station should be reasonable. Also, if you're flying in/out of SFO, you can take BART to the Millbrae train station then walk about 5 minutes to Hong Kong Flower Lounge for dim sum.

        1. Not having a car at that location will limit your options, but there's still some good food around. Kabul is a good Afghan place practically next door, but you may have just as good in DC. The Indian places are great around here. The closest to you is Shah, an Indian/Pakistani place that's a dive but has very tasty food. Further north / west on El Camino are Taste Buds (at Grape) and Madras Cafe (at Bernardo). Taste Buds has all sorts of great dishes while Madras Cafe is a southern Indian vegetarian specialist. Neither Shah nor Madras serve alcohol. Going the other direction is Arka at Fair Oaks, which is much more upscale than the others. Downtown Sunnyvale on Murphy Ave. isn't too far away, and the highlight there is Dishdash, a great Lebanese / Syrian place. The mansaf is out of this world.

          Good luck on your trip and please report back!


          1. Thanks for all the wishes. What about Chez TJ? I believe that's in Mountain View (where I'll be visiting).

            I believe a lot of my expenses on this trip are reimbursable so I could possibly wrangle a cab (or be willing to eat the Uber fare, is it $15 - car and $16 - suv minimum out there?)

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              Chez TJ's (never been there myself) is only a block off of Castro St., the place for inexpensive eateries of various Asian styles: Chinese, Indian, Thai, Japanese, Pho, etc.