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Mar 11, 2013 08:05 PM

Taste of Greenwich House 2013

I was lucky enough to receive an invitation to attend the 11th Annual Taste of Greenwich House event. The event featured a variety of highly popular restaurants in NYC that donated their time to create bite-sized "tastes" for guests to try. It was great trying food from different restaurants that I've never heard of or was meaning to try sometime in the future. I was really impressed by the tastes offered by Swine, Cowgirl, the little owl, Hill Country Barbecue and Chicken, KoSo Fresh, Murray's Cheese and Veselka Bowery.

My favorites were as follows: Swine prepared a delicious home-made duck prosciutto and ricotta with a strawberry balsamic dressing; Veselka prepared a surf and turf pierogi stuffed with lobster and topped with braised beef; Cowgirl served some awesome margaritas and a superb jalapeno stuffed with shrimp; KoSo Fresh had a great bibimbop sample; and the little owl made this amazing cavatelli pasta with bacon and fava beans. I have high hopes for what a full-fledged dinner experience at these restaurants would be like if these tastes are accurate indicators of their potential.


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