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Mar 11, 2013 06:32 PM

Girls reunion wknd - need resto & nightlife recd'ns pls!

We're a group of 4 mid-30ish ladies, professionals, and best friends reuniting in NYC for a girls weekend in April; we'll be staying in the Meatpacking District and are looking for some suggestions on happening/hot restaurants and lounges/bars/clubs for Friday and Saturday night. Something upscale and sophisticated as we're looking to treat ourselves. Thanks in advance :)

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    1. STK will probably suit your needs.

      1. I should mention I've been to NYC several times, and some of the places we've already tried include: Spice Market, Buddakan, and La Esquina. We're looking for something similar in vibe, but perhaps new and happening right now?
        Also - some of the other ladies aren't so well acquainted with NYC, so what would you suggest are must-try "restaurants of the moment"?

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          If you still mean in that area: Standard Grill, Del Posto. Bill's Burgers for hangover bite.

          1. Friday night: Catch
            Beauty and Essex for Saturday night

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              Thank you for the info so far!
              How are the following:
              -Abe & Arthur
              -The General

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                Abe and Arthur is trendy and good for spotting celebs (or at least it was a few years ago), but the food is nothing special and it's rather pricey.

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                nice vibe at B&E but the food is terrible.

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                  The food is good at Catch and decent at B&E depending on what you order. It is great for girls night out.

                  Also check out the Darby. Great music and the food is good.