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Brothers Deli Northland, MI

Just talking with my 90-year-old mother (of 10 children). In discussing the upcoming St. Patrick's Day (a favorite in our house), she said she wishes she could have one more corned beef sandwich from Brothers at Northland. I promised I would investigate and take her when next I visited Michigan from Arizona.

Does Brothers still exist? At either Northland or an alternative site?

Thanks for your help.

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  1. Do You mean Northland Mall in Southfield? I'm not even sure if that place still exists?

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      IMy mom mentioned Northland, and I do know she was referring to a shopping center. She thought Northland (the shopping center) was in Northland (a city) (remember she is 90). I am not sure that the Northland Mall to which she is referring is in Southfield, but given where we lived, that is a distinct possibility. I have tried a google search without success, and thought that perhaps someone living in the area would be able to provide firsthand knowledge.

      Make sense?

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        Lou's deli is by Northland Center Mall.

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          Thanks VTB.

          I know that the deli my mom is remembering was in Northland Center Mall and that the name was Brothers

          Do you recommend Lou's? Perhaps I can take her there if I learn that Brothers no longer exists.

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            You may want to search the board, based on your Mom's taste. Is she focused on a corned beef sandwich? I think anyone would be happy with Steve's Deli (thanks nsxtasy, I really like this place). Selection and atmosphere are great. If you want to risk having your car broken into Rainsux will bet his substantial reputation on Hygrade Deli downtown. Sir Boagman likely will point you towards Stage Deli if you are not in a hurry.

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              >>If you want to risk having your car broken into Rainsux will bet his substantial reputation on Hygrade Deli downtown.<<

              A friend swears that, if you park right in front of the building, and everyone inside can see your car through those windows, it won't be broken into. Or, stolen. lol

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                I'll point you to Stage if you're not in a hurry, you're not expecting good service, and you want to pay an extraordinarily high price for your corned beef sandwich. I know, I know...that sounds practically like a condemnation, but I have to be fair: it's still the best corned beef sandwich that I've had. It's just too expensive for what it is, is all. That, and the service is often just *horrible*.

                Did I mention that it's overpriced and that they have bad service, but that the sandwich is incredible? ;)

      2. Did a search...this is the only one I can find. I went there a number of years ago. http://www.menupix.com/detroit/restau...

        1. I found the following site which has two posts referring to Brother's in Northland:


          I also found a couple of posts at the following page that says there was a Brother's Restaurant in Eastland Shopping Center, and also at Northland.


          You can do a search for "Brother" (CTRL + f ) to find the posts on the page.


          1. Brothers, as those of us who remember it no longer exists. there was one at northland and the main original restuarant was on woodward ave in ferndale,mi. As close as i can remember they probably closed in the late 60's or early 70's. They were the closest thing to a N.Y. deli as you could get for those of us from mi. it was the best.
            hope this helps

            1. My family owned this restaurant from 1963 through 1981...I'm sorry to say that the restaurant is no longer in operation...It was a very special time in our lives...I worked there through high school, through college, and even when I returned home from grad school...what a joy it was...the food...mmmm...I can still taste the corned beef, pastrami...and many great memories of the place...My Mom, my Dad...I probably waited on your mother at the carry out counter...I've run into scores of people who ate there, years after it closed, and whom I waited on at the carry out counter!!! I so glad to have provided the answer to this question!!!

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                Hi Jordan,
                My brother and I were trying to remember just where Brothers was located at the Northland Mall during the 60's? Our parents loved that place I remember that a Peter Pan Restaurant was next door
                If you get this would you please respond to me at jems4642@aol.com
                Thanks Judy S