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Mar 11, 2013 06:05 PM

How Long Does A Frozen Turkey Last?

I bought two frozen turkeys last Thanksgiving for around six bucks for both, the local HEB was virtually giving them away. It's getting warm here, and the oven will be dormant soon. I've got one left and the question is will my survivor be good next Thanksgiving?

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  1. I would have no problem giving it a go....but why not smoke them outdoors in the near future.....or at least before Thanksgiving..

    1. I would be hesitant to try that. Unless you were going to use the yearling for broth/gravy etc. Maybe that would be ok? I wouldn't want to risk the turkey not being good and it being too late to get another bird.

      Our grocer literally was giving away a free turkey if you spent $75. I just thawed my Mr Tom a couple of weeks ago. Cut into breast, leg/thigh, and wing portions. I marinated in lemon juice, orange juice, rosemary, garlic for about 6 hours. We then threw the pieces on the grill and served it to friends for dinner. It was delicious, and not Thanksgiving-y at all.

      1. I grill them in the summertime, cut them up, grill in pieces.

        1. I wouldn't push it that long. Smoke, bake, or grill it soon!

          1. Commercially frozen turkeys have a freezers life of two years. I have checked the use by dates on several brands in the grocer's. Freezers. I have used frozen Empire. Kosher turkeys after eighteen months in the freezers without problems.